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Kdjohn: Like A F*cking Wolverine

ok ok just a question your using degrees Celsius for temp but lbs for weight right? or is that in kg?

I wish! No, it’s in pounds. Canada’s a weird hybrid of metric and imperial. Most people use imperial for weight and height, but metric for almost everything else. I have no idea why.

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Mind confusion. It’s like muscle confusion. Make the brain bigger by keeping it guessing.

Same reason my wife leaves her keys in a different spot every single day.


This triggers me. The eternal struggle in our house too.


lol ok just wondering. threw me for a loop haha


Start time: 2015
Outside temp: 25C

5 rounds

  • 1 min med ball slams
  • 1 min KB snatches
  • 30 sec med ball slams
  • 30 sec KB snatches
  • 2 min rest

Giant set, 2x15

  • Standing barbell calf raises @ 135
  • Tibialis raises @ 20
  • Kneeling ab wheel


  • Great session. The original workout in TB is sledge hammer strikes followed by jump rope. However, I don’t have a sledge hammer, and my shins are too beat up for skipping at the moment. Plus, I wanted to get blood moving to my shoulders, after getting my second dose.


Start time: 1350
Garage temp: 21C

B. Squat

  • 3x8 @ 255

Good morning (dropsets)

  • 2x10 @ 155, 135


  • 155x5
  • 180x5
  • 200x5

EZ bar bent-arm pullover press (myo-reps)

  • 12+3+3+3+2 @ 100
  • 2x45 sec triceps stretch


  • 1x15+5+3+3+3+3+2+1 @ BW
  • 1x8+3+3+1 @ BW

EZ bar curls (myo-reps)

  • 10+3+3+3+3+2 @ 100
  • 2x45 sec biceps stretch


  • Belted up for the squats this time. My back is still iffy and I didn’t want to take any chances and lose tightness.
  • Going back to myo-reps for upper body assistance. Dropsets on everything was just taking too long.


Start time: 1250
Garage temp: 21C

P. Snatch

  • 3x5 @ 110

P. C&J

  • 155x5
  • 175x5
  • 195x5

Weighted chins

  • work up to +25x5
  • 2x8 @ +10

45° hypers (2022 tempo)

  • 2x12 @ BW+25

DB flye-press (myo-reps)

  • 12+3+3+2 @ 50
  • 2x45 sec kneeling German hang

Inverted rows (myo-reps)

  • 15+5+5+5+4 @ BW
  • 2x45 sec lat stretch


  • All bueno. Nothing special to report.
  • I’m going to visit my family at the end of August, which would coincide with the final week of the Anchor of this block. I’m going to instead skip the 7th week deload after the Leader, which will have me finish the Anchor right before we leave. This way, aside from probably some trail running and basic BW work, I don’t have to worry about hunting down a gym or getting back into a groove upon returning; I can just focus on being with my family after so long and truly relax.

17/07/2021 PART 2

Start time: 2045

Stationary bike

  • 45 min

Fat-grip tricep bar curls

  • 100 reps @ 35


  • Easy. Boring. Done.

Hehe ball slams are way more cardio than hammer strikes, so are snatches!

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I was smoked by the end of it for sure. Elbows were a little tender from the ball slams, though.


Start time: 1415
Garage temp: 24C

P. Snatch

  • 110x5
  • 125x5
  • 140x5

B. Squat

  • 220x5
  • 250x5
  • 280x13 (video below)

P. C&J

  • 3x5 @ 145


  • 150x20+8+5

DB flye-press (myo-reps)

  • 12+3+3+3+3+3 @ 35
  • 2x45 sec kneeling German hang

Barbell reverse lunge + walking lunge

  • 2x10/leg @ 135 + 2x15/leg @ BW
  • 2x45 sec quad stretch


  • The goal for squats was at least 10 reps. Then, I pushed for 12. Then after reviewing the video, I realized I had miscounted during the set, and did an extra rep, bringing it to 13. I’ll take it.
  • I’ll have to add reps to the mini sets on the flye-press. Having it follow the bench meant there was no way I was using the 50s this time, and I was tapped out at 12 reps, but I got through the mini sets without issue. More reps, less rest next time.


Awesome work dude.


Fantastic set! Those are transformation sets.

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Great job on that squat set

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Nice set man!

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This is really great! And awesome squatting, damn!

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Appreciate all the kudos, gents!


Start time: 1245
Garage temp: 22C

Double DB C&J

  • 5x90 sec @ 50, 2.5 min rest between rounds

Superset 1, 2x15

  • Standing barbell calf raises @ 135
  • Tibialis raises @ 20

Superset 2, 2x15

  • Lying leg lifts off bench
  • 45° side bends


  • Two birds with one stone here, working on both anaerobic and power endurance. The long rest periods are to allow me to push as hard as I can during each round. It was rough, but I can see a lot of reward to be reaped from this.
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Start time: 1150
Garage temp: 20C

Good morning

  • 2x12 @ 170

B. Squat

  • 220x20


  • 150x5
  • 170x5
  • 190x10

EZ bar pullover press (myo-reps, 2ct pullover pause)

  • 10+3+2 @ 100
  • 2x45 sec triceps stretch

Chins (dead-hang pause)

  • 25 total @ BW

EZ bar curls (myo-reps)

  • 12+4+4+4+4+4 @ 90
  • 2x45 sec biceps stretch


  • Oh baby, what a great session. I’m officially in the camp of supporting hamstring movements prior to squats; that widowmaker set, while obviously a little more fatigued, felt way better. I also belted up on the good mornings, which is something I’ve never done before, but it helped me keep a solid brace, tight back, and make my hams and hips do the work.
  • For assistance work, tried a few things differently: 1) a pause in the bottom of the pullover of the pullover press. It put a huge stretch through my whole torso and triceps which felt great. 2) Dead-hang for the chins. Lats were pumped like balloons, which is a first for me. 3) I kinda “scooped” the bar up to my eyes on the curls, which resulted in a bicep pump I’ve never felt in my life. Amazing. Definitely doing them like that from now on.

20/07/2021 PART 2

Start time: 2115
Garage temp: 21C

Alternating DB snatch

  • 5x2 min @ 50, 3 min rest between rounds

Superset, 2x15

  • Lying leg lifts off bench
  • 45° side bends @ BW



  • The first set felt easy enough, but by the end this was a ballbuster. @dagill2 this and the C&J one from before would be good sessions for you with your current time crunches. With a short warm-up, they don’t exceed 30 minutes.
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