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Kdjohn: Like A F*cking Wolverine

All the running I do makes the calf stress from skipping trivial. But for some reason it has me huffing and puffing more than running.

How do you avoid getting whipped when you’re going fast?

When I skip rope, I either get whipped or don’t go fast enough to consider it high intensity

Interesting, I have the exact opposite experience. Mostly because I run probably only a handful of times a year haha.

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Where are you getting hit with the rope? There could be several reasons.

I haven’t been hit by the rope in ages and ages, because I skipped every day for 10 years when I was training martial arts.


Ankles and calves

Your rope is probably too short, and/or you’re not holding your arms out enough. If your arms drift forward and low, it narrows the distance from the rope to your body and increases the chance of it whacking your legs. It’s especially common as your wrists fatigue and you try to rotate the rope more with your arms and shoulders, which causes further fatigue in your rear delts, preventing you from holding the proper arm position.

What type of foot movement do you use?

just hop

Both feet moving together, alternating feet? There’s different kinds of foot movements. Most people jump with both feet together, but some people (like me, unless I’m “sprinting”) shift their weight from foot to foot, like how most boxers do.

this I tried alternate foot but coordination off and kept stepping on rope

If you step on the middle of the rope, and pull the handles up alongside your body, where do they reach?

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Just to clarify: if you stand on the rope like the above photo, the handles reach your hips?

The ends of the handles(not counting the handle length) reach my hips

That is INSANELY short. No wonder you’re whipping your legs. The rope — just the rope — should reach your armpits.

Get a longer rope!


Can’t I just jump rope harder instead of making the rope bigger?





Had to cut this session short. I was originally going to do some hill sprints, which would involve running 2km to the park, 10 hills, 2km back. I started walking to warm up, and my lower shins felt a little achy; I was going pretty hard on the skipping yesterday, which I do on my paved patio, and my shins are always a little tender afterwards.

I started running and there was the usual discomfort in my shins, but I figured it would go away as it always does once I get underway. Not the case. The ache got so bad that my entire lower leg, all the way around, from knee to ankle, was hurting. I got to the hill and figured I’d try some sprints, but after doing two sets I realized I wasn’t generating ANY power, cut it, and starting walking home. There was no way I was running back.

The only change in variable has been the increased skipping, on pavement. When I was doing 3 runs a week of longer and longer distances, I didn’t have this issue. I don’t want to give up skipping, but I need to start doing it on a heavily padded surface, otherwise I’m going to beat the shit out of my shins.

I also need to stretch and loosen up my calves and hamstrings. They feel really tight and I’m thinking they might be a contributing factor.

Something I’ve seen for skipping is doing it on a piece of plywood. Like a 4’ x 8’ piece.

If you can find a warped one, which doesn’t seem that rare, and lay it down, it won’t lay flat on the ground. Lay it down whichever way leaves it off the ground in the middle and jump on it. There’ll be some bounce to it. It’s also really noisy, so there’s that.

Not a definite solution but a pretty easy one to implement. Although lumber has been expensive lately.

I’d go bankrupt buying that single sheet right now.

It’s a good idea, though. I’d never thought about using plywood, but it makes sense. For now I’ll have to use a couple layers of puzzle mats, probably on the grass.


Start time: 1415
Garage temp: 20C

P. Snatch

  • 110x5
  • 125x5
  • 140x5

B. Squat

  • 225x5
  • 255x5
  • 285x5

P. C&J

  • 3x5 @ 155


  • 3x8 @ 180

Weighted dips + push-ups

  • 2x10 @ BW+30 + 2x15
  • 2x45 sec kneeling German hang

Barbell reverse lunges + walking lunges

  • 2x10/leg @ 135 + 2x15/leg @ BW
  • 2x45 sec quad stretch


  • Nothing special to report. Have the groove down of this block, so there should be less and less interesting things to note.
  • Unrelated, but I think I’m really gonna buckle down and just make my barbell sessions centred around my “big 5” lifts. 2 blocks per year for squat, bench and chins, 2 blocks per year for the power O-lifts. All assistance in each block will directly relate to those lifts. The strength endurance stuff through KB sport lifts needs to get out of my mind, because it realistically needs its own focus, which I’m just not willing to do. I’ll compromise by making my high intensity conditioning sessions lean towards muscular/strength endurance stuff. While I do consider myself a “generalist” when it comes to physical training, if I let myself wander too much, my training quickly becomes chaotic and goes nowhere. I’ve made the gains I have this year BECAUSE I’ve stayed focus. Now isn’t the time to stop that.