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KD13 Pump days and fast 5k's

Seeing some pretty quick improvements in that 5km time mate. Great work.

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Do you have a training plan for your 5k? The Hyperformance podcast which I found through @j4gga2 seems to have a solid one but I’m still building to a 5k without any old injuries blowing out. But that program is high on my agenda once the ice clears.

I mean, clearly you are improving as is but just trying to make conversation I guess

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Yeah fst7, found a general outline so just having a play with it. Nice to bump volume for a while as I have been on the lower end of late.

I found a running training plan but have yet to implement it as of yet. I don’t have the days available to fully commit to it. For now just getting some kms in at a pace below 4.30 and running some flat out kms is doing wonders. Before 4.30 felt a real push but now I’m running 4.10s without realising it. When progress stalls I will follow a plan by someone who knows better than me!

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Thanks, that was a steady one too! I purposely told myself slow down a fair few times and didn’t sprint finish either, but interesting my sprint finish segment was 1 second faster than last time when I went balls to the wall and nearly passed put crossing the line :rofl:

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Broke 21 minutes!

The route is a 2.5km loop ran twice. So there is a gradual up hill on kms 2 and 4. Km 2 and 4 splits are 10 seconds ish slower so I think I would be 20 secs closer to my target just running a flat race.


New years resolution is to squat regularly!

Treated myself to an Again Faster folding rack so I can now barbell squat and bench. Folds flat to the wall when not in use so doesn’t take up valuable floor space. Very solid bit of kit! Need a longer bar as mine is mine little short.

I need to chop 2in off the top of the rack as it’s catching the rafters when trying to fold it away but that’s a job for another day, at least I can squat in it tonight.


All sorted and now folds away.

Started on Paul Carter Guaranteed muscle mass. Time to get the barbell lifts back in for a while!


Nice rack and can’t go wrong with Paul stuff. Going to be a good start to the year :muscle:

Yeah its one of my favorite routines, not done it in years so fired up to be doing again.

Only probs I have is no leg press, but read that Paul substituted that for heals elevated trap bar so that’s solved. Then it’s just the 350 lat pull down, I tried subbing for chins but although it’s a strong exercise for me I’m not hitting any where near 50 reps after the rows!


Isn’t that the program with the 20 rep squats?

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Kinda. Lower body 1 has over warm up then an AMRAP, then a second set after a minute to try and get 50% extra reps, says to up weight when hitting 18-20 reps, ive always assumed that’s in the first set. Then same again with front squat on Lower 2.

I’ve started at 12 reps, so will be a little while before that’s 20 lol.


This past weeks training has alerted me to the fact I’ve been in my comfort zone for too long. These sessions have kicked my arse, not felt this much doms in a long long time!

Front squats were ok last night, my obliques know about it today. 23 reps on the first set of the trap bar deadlifts took some will power but powered through.


Thats another squat session down, going to need to starts a thread about buying jeans in no time. Rep prs on all sets.

Been getting glute / hip pain whilst running. I’ve looked into it and it seems to be glute mediuos weakness. Doing the unilateral work has been very wobbly on the same side, knee caving in during split squats. I’m hoping this works it self out with all the lower body work but will keep an eye on it.


Killing the sessions at the minute, feeling strong on the heavier over warm ups and gaining a good chunk of reps on the rep work. Putting in the work with the fork too so hoping to keep things moving in the right direction.

New toy for the gym

Felt pretty solid, don’t have to go outside to dip now which is a bonus. Spotter arms are out of stock still and rather expensive, so tempted to buy some cheaper ones that are 60x60 and cut and weld them.


Front squats finished, my shitty bar has no knurling in the middle which was a bit slippy last time. Then I remembered I have the bad boy…sticky gecko chest! Helped a lot!

Going to attempt to build some plate storage over the weekend.