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KD13 Project "My dad is bigger than your dad"



Fuck you deficit deadlifts, fuck you! Well actually there are still not Olympic height but it raises me up a few inch.

Picked up some new 20kg plates, paid a little extra for the rubber coated and handled version, worth it though as it makes shifting them around easier plus less likely to damage my floor or rust when I leave them outside. I got some gift vouchers for Xmas so I decided to splash out.

Still on the lookout for more plates and an extra bar, don’t need them urgently so keeping an eye out for some second hand stuff. I will be back training outside in a few months time so some rusty old stuff will do just fine!

Suppose I best get my arse in gear and get back training in the new year.


Where in the UK are you? A mate of mine got delivered a squat rack in error by a company he ordered some other shit from. Company has no record of even sending it to him so he’s selling it.

You want it? It’s only guaranteed for like 150kg so maybe not great for squats but would work well for benching.


Thanks for the offer buddy but I’m okay, I’ve got a bench with squat stands which is working well at the minute.


Deadlift 5x5
(felt very easy pulling from normal height)

Hammer curl
French press

3 minutes of crunches


Squat 3x5
20 rep squat (killed me!)
Romanian deadlift 2x15
Glute raise 2x15

Trap tri set 15 rep each x 2
Plate raise
Overhead shrug

3.30 minutes of crunchs

Lower back was the weak link in the 20 rep squats, legs felt fine, was blowing hard and came close to passing out. Think that means I did it right.



How you going man? Loving the consistent logging.


Going good thanks, training is good, diet is good, sleep is terrible! How’s things with you?

Read that you may be struggling for equipment in the coming months, that could be really great for you as it will force you to think about other important factors that will improve your training. Since I’ve been training from home with limited equipment I’ve had to keep it simple in terms of exercise selection and weight selection, that’s forced me to put a lot more effort into progression (all the forms of progression not just weight on the Bar) and mind muscle connection.

If you can find somewhere to dip and chin, and can find something heavy to carry you will be fine!


Thats good man! Not much sleep because of the baby id imagine :grinning:. Things are ok. Turning 16 soon which is pretty cool!

Definitely. Its time to get good with bodyweight movements, I’ve always sucked at them. I also have a keg,Im going to buy a barbell soon and olympic plates if i can and lots of stuff i can do with that!


I don’t think I actually stepped foot into a weights gym until I was around 17 and that was just messing around not having a clue about anything other than trying to prove I was stronger than my mate! (Which I wasn’t because I weighed like 8st lol)

I was into my mid 20s before I got serious so you have plenty of training years ahead of you at 16.

Being forced to do stuff you suck at is what you need sometimes, hence why I was squating last night, If I had access to leg press and extension I wouldn’t have put a barbell on my back!


Chin ups
Press ups

Beat the press up target by 12 but only equalled the chin up target. Think I messed it up trying to steal to many reps early on which burnt me out, I changed plan half way through and dropped reps per set with hopes of squeezing in 3 extra sets to make up numbers, but only had time for 12 sets instead of last times 11 sets.


Dead lift 5x5

Recovery has been off this week, pretty much every muscle in my body has Doms, which is very unusual for me. I think a combination of factors have caused it, few bad days of eating with too low protein intake, poor sleep and had a bit of a cold/sinus issue.

Would like a form check again if people wouldn’t mind. Still don’t feel that I’m using my hips enough.
@MarkKO @littlesleeper @BOTSLAYER

This is my 4th set at 330lb. Still in the reasonably comfortable realm in terms of weight, felt strong and easy but looking back at the video I still don’t think I’m pulling efficiently.

I’ve never used a belt so I don’t think I was getting any benefit out of wearing it, not sure if I had it in the right place or even if the type of belt is any good. Was given it a while back so thought I would try it out. Will look at learning to use it right.


Received a text message from a mate who owns the food van near where I work. It read…

“Doing mixed grills today, 2 sausages, 3 bacon, chicken breast, pork steak with chips, peas fried bread and tomatoes. £3.50, want one?”

Hell yeah I do, this could be the difference between gaining and losing weight today!

Training tonight, still feel a bit off but muscle soreness has gone.


It’s OK, but hips are high as you suspected. Sit back more with your shoulders behind the bar and shins vertical. Push off the floor through your heels and keep your shoulders behind the bar.


Thanks MarkKO, I was actually frustrated when I watched the vid, it’s the first time I’ve filmed since my last form check. I felt like I have been dropping my hips more but obviously not.

I thought my lower back looked a little rounded too.


I don’t see a big problem with back rounding, but you’re damn close to doing an RDL. I mean this is probably your worst rep, but the other ones were similar.

Your hips rise and the barbell barely breaks the ground until your back is nearly horizontal. The cues that really helped me get over this were:

  1. Brace like a S.O.B
  2. Teeter weight back into heels (which should help get shoulders over/behind bar) prior to initiating the pull.
  3. Leg press. Back angle should not change until bar is at least at mid shin. Literally picture yourself in a leg press. Back is braced HARD and you’re pushing the floor away, not lifting a barbell.


Thanks, I really don’t feel like my legs are involved much at all so it’s obviously a big limiting factor on how much I can pull. I do feel very much like I’m over the weight and not behind it. Back to the drawing board then,.

I wonder if it could be a lower back weakness.


Ugh I hate them for deads.

I did too…no it is. Your back straightens at lock out and it looks nothing like the starting position. Also your hips are high and then when you initiate the pull the still come up higher before the bar moves…ok I think this is all connected…the hip bone and the thigh bone to the foot bone…ok LOL

I think your back is not set or tight especially in the lower back. Tighten that up and your hips should lower as a part of that process. When you initiate the pull because your back is loose it just bends more as your hips rise. Tighten the back and that all should be fixed.

It is hard to see for sure but I also think your stance may be a bit wide.


Pretty shitty then! Thanks, seems I’m not bracing correctly then or maintaining my spine angle. Will work on that.

Bench press
Bent over row

Side laterals

Upped weight on all exercises.

Then feel the need to do more deadlift form work, here is a short video as my phone stopped recording. Got a few reps though.

Is this more like it?



Morning Rob, I fully understand if you don’t want to comment on this but I’m a little confused and don’t know if I’m misunderstanding.

A female friend of mine is trying to lose weight, she has hired a personal trainer who has given her a diet to follow. My friend was confused as she didn’t really explain it too well to her, so she asked for my help to look over it. Here is a sample non training day. .


The numbers up the left are percentage splits of macros in each meal.

Now my understanding is that a 400cal meal made up of 75% protein would mean that in that meal there would be 75g of protein, correct?

That’s a little high but my main concern is that the meal recommendations do not even come close to adding up.

3 eggs = 75g of protein?? Shit I need to eat more eggs!

Have I miss understood or is this meal plan just massively wrong?


Not rob but damn dude! Whats wrong with trainers these days.