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KD13 Project "My dad is bigger than your dad"



5 minute squat

chin ups x50

2 minute curls

ab circuit
Leg raises
V sits
Heavy bag sit up holds (Will make vid)

bag work
3x2 minutes


upper body circuit
Push press
Pull ups
Explosive press ups


Finished in 11 minutes.

ab wheel
50 reps

band wood chops

leg raises


Mate look into red palm oil. Vitamin E supps are notoriously lacking (E is made up of tocopherols and tocotrienols and very few supps have all of each), but red palm oil has all the vitamin E goodness.

Just make sure you get the sustainable stuff or you’re fucking over orangutans and nobody wants that on their conscience.


Thanks for the suggestion. I was a bit on the fence about taking the Vit e as I have seen higher doses can have other health implications I’m taking half the dose the study recommended.

I remember you mentioning a company called nature’s best a while back, at least I think it was you. I got the ubiquinol from there as it worked out at a good price. Had to get the dhea and melatonin from else where as they seem tricky to get in the UK.


shoulder shocker 4 way
As video but with rear delt fly added.
3 run throughs

Explosive barrel pushes
Drop down and push barrel as far as possible, exploding with the whole body, jump up run and push it again.

Explosive barrel pulls
Single hand row pulling barrel as far as you can, fast and powerful pull and turn.
2x15 each arm

hanging leg raises

heavy bag
3x2 minutes


5 minute squat
This sucked balls again

4 way shoulder shocker
3 runs

ez curls

close hand press up
3x failure

hanging leg raises

heavy bag rotation press

I have been eating in a slight deficit for the past few weeks, this combined with the circuit/conditioning style of training has seen my weight drop. Currently sitting around 78kg and looking a hell of a lot better for it and also feeling great. Feeling fight ready and powerful!


Currently running this for shoulders and enjoying it.

Not stepped on the scale in a few weeks so not sure what I’m currently weighing but I have been eating much cleaner with less carbs. Looking noticeably leaner (wife commented and she never usually cares!) I would guess I’m down to about 76kg with how I look and feel.


Got some new toys

30kg dumbells
40kg dumbells
Much better bench than I had

At what I feel to be a bargain price so really happy with that. Looked up the price for a set of new 40kg hex dumbells and was even happier with what I paid, need a bit of rust removing but not a problem.


Current lifting goals

Hit 30kg x20 on db incline press
Hit 40kg x10 on db incline press

I haven’t really done any incline pressing for a long time so I thought it would be good to work it back in.

db incline press
4 sets of 30kg x 10
2 sets of 40kg x 3
(Really happy that I got these up with no assistance and put up some pretty smooth reps, especially after 4 tough sets of 10)

** Gironda dumbbell swing**

side press outs

lateral raise

band laterals
100 straight reps


“How much do you really need to eat to grow?” on LiftRunBang.

This is a great read from @Paul_Carter


I thought a link to an article from a t nation contributor would be okay. Nah?



Nope, sorry, not to their blogs or standalone sites (LRB, thibarmy, etc.).


No problem, I know your just doing your job.

Just out of curiosity though and not trying to be an arse but, if I was to link to an Instagram post of an athlete performing an exercise but that athlete is sponsored by and promotes a competing product/company, would that be allowed?


Ha, Duke was just on me about this too. No worries at all. Social media posts (Youtube, IG, whatever) are more of a “gray area” and are allowed even if it’s, like, a KB swing tutorial from Onnit or something.

The biggest issue is with article sites, blogs, and online stores or forums.


Rules is rules I guess, even if they make zero sense!


Just to add I’m only messing with you a little and really do appreciate the work you guys do.

I used to do some moderating on a forum before, although some of the rules were silly you still had to stick to them. For example, in order to be able to approve a for sale advert the user had to have over 100 post count. So you could have someone who had made 50 solid contributions whos post got trashed yet the guy spamming 100 pointless posts contributing very little could sell away!


Goal update.

Current incline rep max 30kg x18
Goal is 20 reps by Christmas. Happy this is in the bag, maybe even next session.

Current incline rep max 40kg x 6
Goal is 10 reps by Christmas. Think I will get it but this one seems a little further away. I’m losing 1 or 2 reps getting them up into position.

Weight currently 77kg.


I mentioned in another thread about how I’m currently training so thought I would update that here. I basically have a list of things I want to get done in the week and I few fit them in when I can. Most of the it follows the same structure of 3 dedicated training days and the odd bit of abs or shoulder rehab on off days. So the list is…

Heavy incline pressing
Chest volume/pump work
Heavy rowing
Back volume/pump work
Heavy shoulder press
Shoulder volume/pump work
Arms heavy
Arms volume
Abs x2 a week
Shoulder rehab/ rear delt x3 a week

I will admit legs should be on that list but currently not really doing any… shocker I know but please don’t judge I have my reasons and will be adding some back in soon.

Will add what a normal weeks training is looking like later on.


I mean if you’re just training for pure aesthetics then you don’t really need to be going HAM on legs anyway

Probably risking it a little saying that out of the flame free thread but let’s face it, unless your competing in BB or PL, it’s not vital