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KD13 Project "My dad is bigger than your dad"



incline db
got my bench out the shed this time

5x5 30kg last set amrap 10 reps
Brought some more 5kg so now can get up to 40kg on each db

with black band added
(The extra load at lock out felt great on the triceps)

band cross over

ez curl
4x5 (42kg)

chin up

3x10 (10kg)
Arms again destroyed from the heavy curl and chins


trap bar dead lift
4x5 (145kg)

wide pull up

db row
3x12 (20kg)

rear delt fly
20/15/15 (5kg)
This should have been 4 sets, just realised I only did 3.

db sumo squat
3x12 (30kg)

Session felt really tough tonight, a little short on time so I don’t think I took enough rest between sets in an attempt to get finished in time.


Just caught up on your log. Nice work in here! Good variety of work over the past few months. Trap bar looks sweet! I haven’t used one since high school.
I think I’m going to have to try out the lat activation drill from Meadows.
Good luck on the treatments man!


Muscle confusion bro! Lol yeah I do chop and change a fair bit and find routines that fit into my current schedule. Probably not ideal but I’m just happy if I find a good run of consistency.

Thanks, stressful and anxious times but hopefully it will be all worth it again.


military press
3x5 (62kg) 2x4 (60kg) struggling overhead atm

Front raise with ez
4x12 (15kg)

side lateral
4x15 (5kg) 20 partials following last set

Short one tonight again. Will hit arms and abs tomorrow.


The triceps from yesterday turned into biceps and triceps.

ez bar curl and dips super set
4x8 (30kg + bar)
4x10 (body weight +12kg)

hammer and close hand press up super set
3x10 (10kg) super slow concentric to better involve the brachialis

band push down and zotterman curl
3x20 black and green band
3x15 (5kg)


incline db press
5/5/5/5/9 amrap (34kg)

10/8/8 (+10kg)

band fly

ez curl
5/5/4/4 (44kg)


3x10 (10kg)
1x20 failure (5kg)


trap bar deadlift
4x5 (150kg)

chin up
10/8/4/4/4 hit a wall after second set

db row
12/12/10 (22kg)

rear delt fly
20/20/15/15 (5kg)


Military press
4x5 (62kg) 2x8 (60kg)
stalling out pretty bad over head, need to come up with a better plan to progress.

lawn mowers
3x10 (22kg)
Swapped these in instead of front raises, front delts are blowing up too quick so need more rear delt work.

side lateral
4x20 (5kg)

rear delt kick back
4x20 (6kg +bar)

bent over wide grip rear delt row


How often do you OHP? If you’re struggling on it, I’d say you could do it at least 2x a week, if not 3, provided you keep 2/3 of the days well away from maximal effort. 5 sets of 10 at around 70% of your max, only progressing by a couple kg every time you complete all 5 sets of 10, complete with pin presses from whatever is your sticking point on your failed lifts should do the trick. No reason you shouldn’t be able to progress further when your delts look like they do. One more thing I’ll say is that OHP involves a lot of upper chest work, and right now most of your incline work seems fairly low (around 30 degrees), so getting more 45-60 degree incline work in can help you there.


Nice shoulders


Oh how I miss seated half presses from the pins! That’s the one exercise I’m missing training from home.

Your right my frequency is probably too low and adding an extra day with a bit more volume would help. I’m trying to follow this split routine I am doing as written so at the minute it’s overhead press once a week. Would be nice to see a bit of progression in the heavier lifts just to keep me sane really, but I’m seeing good changes in physique so I guess it’s not all bad.

@alex_yu thanks buddy! Shoulders and arms are my main priorities in my training at the minute.


Just dropping these here as they are a good read.


incline db press
12/12/8 (30kg)
Fancied a higher rep range tonight, happy with hitting 12s with this weight.

flat bench
(60kg) 20 reps, 15 seconds rest then 5 more reps repeated 2 more times for 5 reps.

ez bar curl
8/6/6 (42+bar)

Superset repeated x 2
2 minute constant tension diamond press up
Had to switch to girl style after 1 minute 20 sec.

2 minute constant tension db curl

The 2 minute superset caused me the most pain I have experienced whilst training in a long time. Absolutely horrific.


As any one following this training log will know, I have a tendency to go off piste every now and again just do something different. I guess it’s my way of a deload or refreshing mentally and I tend to do it after 4 or 5 weeks on a set routine.

So tonights back session…

weighted chin ups
Bw x3
20kg x3
25kg x3
30kg x3
35kg x3
40kg x3
Bw x10

This is the 40kg.

band lat pull down
2x 2 minutes constant tension

cobra pull
1x 2 minutes constant tension

plate shrug
20kg plate per hand 2 minutes constant tension

The shrugs over take the arms last session in terms of most pain.


How are things with your balls?


Well it was good news for my balls as they were happy with how the frozen sperm thawed, so despite an anxious wait and being prepped for surgery I was let off the hook.

Unfortunately though the cycle turned out to be a disaster, awaiting a review appointment with the clinic but there initial explanation blamed the fact that frozen was used.

Out of 22 viable eggs collected from my wife only 5 fertilized. The other 2 cycles we have done we have had above average fertilization rates at around 80%. They expect a slightly lower fertilization rate with frozen but less than 25% was a surprise for them, unfortunately with so many eggs wasted and poor embryo development it ended in a negative pregnancy test. We have a few months recovery time before trying again.

Devastated to be honest but we both know how lucky we have been and know that for it to happen again it’s not going to come easy. So the plan is to try again with a fresh sample.


Man I’m sorry to hear life’s thrown such a shitty situation at you guys.

Stay positive, brother


Although it’s pretty shitty it’s much less shitty than what many people are going through.

Hope things are going well with the new job and house buddy.


Been busy with fertility research just recently, after our review appointment I was left with a lot of unanswered questions, unfortunately the clinics view is that we have been successful before so we should just keep trying the same thing, I on the other hand feel that something is missing and wanted to find answers. The get as many eggs as you can and then chuck my shit sperm at them and hope for the best approach may work again but l would rather try something new that may help.

My main question was if I’m a fit and healthy relatively young man, who doesn’t drink or smoke, eats a very healthy diet and has perfect blood results for sperm production, completely normal karotype, and the only problem is a blockage, then why would my sperm quality be so low that it’s affecting our embryo quality? The clinics answer was that surgical retrieved sperm never performs as well as ejaculated. I understand that but why?

One of the biggest factors in if a sperm can create a successful pregnancy is it’s level of dna fragmentation. All sperm has a small level of dna fragmentation but once it reaches a certain point it is not capable of creating a successful embryo. The fragmentation is caused by oxidative stress, this oxidative stress happens in the epididymis and is caused by defective or old sperm, there are levels of antioxidants in the epididymal fluid to help limit this damage. This normally only causes a small amount of fragmentation because the sperm do not stay in the epididymis for long. Unfortunately my poor little fuckers are stuck there! So it’s easy to assume that due to this they are subjected to higher levels of oxidative stress, research also finds that sperm quality declines gradually post vasectomy, I’ve had a vasectomy for 32 years!

Unfortunately there is no way of confirming my sperm fragmentation levels as the test requires higher numbers than what I have frozen and it also renders the sperm unusable. So although the test exists I can’t have it. So it’s just speculation that this is the problem.

There has been some studies that show that sperm dna fragmentation can be reduced and levels of epididymal antioxidants increased through supplemention. The clinic are open to trying this and have given there recommendations.

Daily multivitamin
Ubiquinol q10 100mg
Melatonin 5g
I have also added based on a study I found
Vit c 1000g
Vit e 500g

My wife has been recommended to take

Ubiquinol q10 100mg
Melatonin 5g
Dhea 75mg
Multi vitamin

I know full well that this may make zero difference but feeling like you are actively doing something really helps.

Sorry for the long non training related post, just getting out a few things that are on my mind.