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KD13 Project "My dad is bigger than your dad"



Dude! Forgot about that but now want to try it. Looking forward to your video. I was gonna say - my arms can hold up really well over a long period of time, even in a 1/4 or 3/4 pushup position - sometimes I rest in that position in the middle of a set - but my core would give me some trouble.


military press
So for the last set I decided to break it up a bit so did it in clusters with a 10 seconds break

stopped when last rep was a real grinder, rested 30 seconds and then push pressed to failure at 6 reps.

trap bar shrug

kd13 banded db side lateral super pump mechanical drop set boulder shoulder builder
20 reps holding db and band constant tension
20 reps holding just db full range
30 reps just band swinging them up


So after my most recent chat with the embryologist it’s looking like I may end up having another surgical sperm retrieval, although I have some frozen the test thaw didn’t show much promise, bit of a bummer but will do whatever gives us the best chance of success.

Due to this it puts me around 3 weeks away from a surgery from which I will need a bit of recovery time, plus all the appointments at the clinic is going to throw out my training schedule.

So the plan is this…

Starting it today, this will give me lots of flexibility in training times, if need be I can do the press ups at work! Should just about squeeze the full 3 weeks in if I start today. Also it says to have some time off after doing it, which I will have to do anyway.

Let’s do this.


press ups

wide pull up

band pull apart
100 yellow band

Shoulder hates me again already, may have to rethink the wide pull up.


do they chop open your balls?


They go with a needle first and get it out that way. Your sedated so completely unaware, just wake up swollen with about 20 little holes in your sack lol. If they don’t find enough then yes they cut it open, thankfully they haven’t had to do that yet.


Christ, no wonder you bought a trap bar.

All the best, man. Hope it works out.


Hope it all works out mate and you don’t have to have more needles in your balls, that shit sure doesn’t sound fun.


Hey I read some of the posts on your log. Just out of curiosity, what kind of split were you doing at the time of the post I quoted?


@Yogi1 @I_Luc thanks guys, it’s not as bad as it sounds, well actually the first time I had it done was. Not sure if they let a trainee do it, nut resembled a black and blue pear. Second time no problems and was helping lay a driveway a few days later.

@samul I was just finishing off the trap bar deadlift routine so that was the legs work.
The rest of it was a pretty common split…

I don’t train like that very often just when I fancy a change.


I realise that repeatedly logging 100 press ups and 50 pull ups is pretty boring, let’s just assume that every day other than Mondays I will hit the required reps and add a bonus moment for shoulder health.

Just took a physique pic before I get too far into this program. Natural light coming from the front, happy with this level of lean at 80kg.



Did the 100 press ups 10 on the minute and the pull ups 5 on the minute. Have to admit that really really sucked ass.

Finished off with some shoulder rehab stuff.

Fatigue is starting to kick in a little now 500 press up and 250 pull ups in.


Almost 2 weeks in now, pull ups are getting much easier, I’ve been cautious not to push anywhere near failure as the programme tells you not too. I did an easy set of 12 wide pull ups from the hang chest to bar and probably had a few more reps.

Press ups have actually got harder, chest and shoulder feel pretty burnt out. I have been doing then all within 5-10 minutes though and not split them up throughout the day, same with the pull ups.

Week 3 may get cut short as things are moving pretty fast with the treatment.


Chest and biceps

db incline press
5x5 (30kg)
Not enough weight for me here as this was way too easy, without a proper bench it was very awkward to get into position. Need to sort this out.

3x10 (body weight)

band cross over
4x20 (yellow + red)
Took a little time playing to get this set up but got it working well in the end

ez curl
5/5/4/4 (42kg+bar)

chin up
3x8 (body weight)

10/10/8 (10kg)
Arms went to shit here, the heavy curls and chins killed me off.

100 band pull apart

Here is my make shift incline :joy:


Very innovative, i like it. :joy:


You do your set and then ground and pound it!


trap bar dead lift
4x5 (140kg)

wide pull up

db row
12/10/10 (20kg)

rear delt fly
4x15 (5kg)

hanging leg raise

ez curl
15/10 x 2 sets
@bigjez seen this rep scheme in your log and it sucked rather a lot! Thanks.


Im glad youve joined the hurt locker!


Happy Friday! Double burger with bacon. Looking to push the scale up hard over the next few weeks as weight seems to have stalled out.


military press
4x5 (62kg)

Front raise with ez bar
4x12 (10kg + bar)

side lateral
3x15 (5kg)

3x6 +20kg

band push down

reverse band push down
3x15 +1 set of close hand press ups to failure 15

hanging leg raise
1x failure