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KD13 Project "My dad is bigger than your dad"



That’s good to hear, enjoy yourself and have some fun before heading back to school buddy.


Besides pull aparts and dislocations, these helped me a LOT, I had (or still might have) a labral tear in my shoulder, combined with a chunk of bone that popped off a while ago. Strengthening the rear delts and the scapula made me able to lift heavy(ish) again.

Also i would definitely drop the dips while your shoulder is messed up. Pushups for the win. Looks like you like pushups almost as much as pull-ups, we may have to make a thread for them soon too.


Thanks for that vid, will certainly include them moves.

I will be dropping dips, more due to the fact that my lower chest is growing like mad (may just getting titties but I like to think it’s muscle) so it’s making my upper chest look worse. I’m going to do a bit of upper chest specialisation for a while.

High rep press ups are great and safe to take to absolute can’t even get up failure which is a bonus!


Don’t read many articles anymore, but waddaya think?


I will give it a try and let you know. I think reading it it sounds easy but I’m sure it’s probably not!


Actually, though I could see how people could think it looks easy, this looks fucking miserable. And that guys form in the video is impeccable.


Just done a few run throughs of those shoulder movements. Fuck me it shouldn’t be so hard just to lie down and move your arms…


Thanks for making me aware of this vid @EyeDentist. Did it tonight, amazing feeling in my lats, more so my right than my left so will work on that.

meadows row with lat activation

wide chin up

dead stop row

straight arm pull down

ez curl

high band curl
3x10 holding peak contraction 5 seconds each rep


As part of my upper chest specialisation I will be doing the exercise in this video as well as a few others.

Tried them last night and to be fair they did really fry my upper chest, I’m sure it will work pretty well to wake up my upper chest before pressing.


single hand land mine press
chest activation before each set
3x8 (35kg)


press ups
Sets of 8 with 30 seconds rest until fail to hit 8
Then 2 minutes rest (6 sets)
Sets of 8 incline with 30 seconds rest until fail to hit 8 (4 sets)
2 minutes rest then set taken to failure (19 reps)

band tricep push down
3x20 (r+g+y bands)

This is the activation exercise I used from @Paul_Carter along side the cross body raise shrug thing. Worked a treat, I’m starting to look into a few more good activation exercises for other body parts as this chest one and the lat one from John Meadows have really helped.


Ow…the shoulder extension one immediately made my lats cramp up and now they just hurt. Will have to do this before pullups from now on. Brutal.

I’ve seen the Athlean-X one. I had/have a labral tear in my shoulder, and after a couple times of doing it, they felt seriously aggravated and I dropped it.


I did it last back session, when I moved on to pull ups I forgot all about pulling to above the bar and just concentrated on getting that same feeling and pulling position, felt great.


rotator cuff work
All of them!

military press (with shoulder activation)
8/ 7 /5 /6 (60kg)
This is piss poor performance for me, not sure if it was the shoulder activation and rotator cuff work before or the fact I’ve been taking it easy on my shoulder but very poor showing.

lawn mowers
3x8 (25kg)

Side lateral
3x15 (5kg)

bent over rear delt
3x30 (3kg)

upper chest specialisation
Banded fly 3x15
Squeeze press 3x10


Meadows row with activation
1x12 22kg
1x12 28kg
2x12 33kg

wide pull up
3x8 last set followed by lat pull down to failure

dead stop row
2x15 20kg

ez curl
3x10 22kg+bar

high band curl
3x10 holding peak

100 rep curl
Yellow band

Was supposed to be the trap bar session tonight but I put in a tough shift at football last night so lower body was struggling.


low incline db press with chest activation
3x12 (30kg)

3x10 bw

landmine double hand press
3x failure 22/18/14
Immediately into press ups to failure, 6 reps, that should give you an idea of how destroyed I was!

band triceps push down
3x20 concentrated on being explosive
Last set drop sets to failure


military press
10/8/7/7 (60kg)

lawn mowers
3x10 (25kg)
Not convinced the lawnmower would have fired up on that last set…

side lateral
3x20 (5kg)
1x failure (3kg)

band pull apart

10 second squeeze at top, did reps until I couldn’t hold 10 any more and then rep until I couldn’t move the weights an inch and my traps felt broken.

Slightly better overhead performance today and my shoulder is feeling much better.

Bit lethargic today, had a 7 a side football tournament over then weekend that took it out of me. Won all 5 group games, won semi final after extra time and penalties, then lost in the final. Was 1-1 until we conceded in the last 30 seconds, gutted but had a great time. Scored in every game and scored my penalty so was happy with my performance despite not being at my sharpest.


meadows row with activation
1x12 (22kg)
3x12 (33kg)

wide pull up

banded high row

trap bar carry
120kg 6 lengths

barrel push
6 lengths both barrels
Cramp cramp cramp

Dropped the bicep work tonight as was short on time. Will do that tomorrow.


Did the arms I missed the other day last night.

cross body curls
3x12 (12kg)

ez bar curls
1x 12 (28kg)
1x 8 (35kg)
3x5 (50kg) fancied something heavy

db curl


Finally got around to trying the 2 minute press up challenge.

I completed it but it was tough, the hold in the bottom position was very tough. Chest and triceps coped very well, core was pretty shakey. I couldn’t film it as I had my phone under me playing the vid, will do it again in a few days and film it so you can assess my form!


2 minute press up thing
Good but a little shakey

press ups
Cross body raise and band fly between each set 20 reps. (This made the 100 reps press ups hard)