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KD13 Project "My dad is bigger than your dad"



chin and dip superset

8/8/8/8/7/7/7/7/5/5 total 70 +5 on last time

15/15/12/12/12/12/12/10 total 100 in 8 sets


Did some shoulder work yesterday with the bands to try and pump some blood to them to try and help with recovery. Chin ups 3 times a week is starting to cause of a few shoulder issues, will keep doing what I’m doing for now but it’s something I’m keeping an eye on.

Trap bar finally back in stock and should be with me tuesday.


Spa day pump day.

My wife booked us a day at a spa, she mentioned it had a gym so I thought I would plan to get a session in. Nothing major I thought as most spa gyms are not up to much, I was wrong. This was a real gym, 10× bigger than my local gym. I’ve never been in a gym this well stocked, it’s apparently a hammer strength training centre also.

I basically just had a play on all the machines I had never seen or used before and got a pump so I looked good when I made it to the spa!

Great day, gym session, massage, ice bath, contrast showers, sauna and steam room, hydrotherapy and a nice swim. Just what we needed.


Finally it’s arrived, a nice addition to my garden gym. Just in time for tomorrow’s training session.


Started the trap bar routine this evening, first time using it. Thought I would feel stronger than conventional deadlift but it really kicked my arse. The whole point of buying this bar was to give me a heavy leg exercise, it definitely appears to be helpful in that regard. Quads and posterior chain felt much more involved.

trap bar deadlift
6 sets of 8 (102kg)

ez curls
3x10 (30kg +bar) last set rest pause for 6 extra

band curls
100 straight reps

standing cable crunch

leg raise

1x failure


Torrential rain stopped play this morning, far too bad to get out and do my planned workout. Freestyled and did a session indoors.

press ups
37/20/13 total 70 +8 on last time

band flies

lawn mowers
2x12 25kg
1x15 25kg

face pulls

db side lateral
3x10 10kg

band side lateral
100 straight reps


trap bar deadlift
6x10 (102kg)

ez curl
2x12 (30kg +bar)
2x6 "
1x8 (20kg +bar) rest pause +2 +2 +2

ab wheel

lying leg lift

knee to chest on dip bars
1x failure

Trap bar deads had me questioning my life choices. Not sure if it’s the higher reps or the heat (most likely my weak legs) but I was really struggling tonight.


5s week, had to dig deep for this one.

military press
10x5 62kg

10x5 +10kg

10x5 +20kg

band lateral
50 straight reps + 25 pull aparts

No amrap tonight, or maybe there was because last rep of the last set was a grinder!

Nice shoulder pump, selfie time.


Weighed chin up
20kg x10
20kg x6
Bodyweight x12

press up
3 sets to failure, didn’t count today

side lateral
3x15 8kg

rear delt fly
3x20 8kg

shrug with 5 second hold
2x12 60kg

crunch on ball


trap bar deadlift
7 sets of 8 (112kg)

ez curl
3x10 (32kg+bar)

leg raise circuit
Hanging x8
Dip bar x 8
Floor x 12
Repeated twice

band curl
100 reps straight

Routine said add 10-20lbs, added 22lb. Rebel.


Chin and dip superset

74 reps (+4 on last time)

100 in 7 sets (1 set less than last time)

ab wheel

1 minute

Dip bar ab curl ups


Not much training happening this past week, I have a few little injuries plus I’m landscaping the front garden and adding a second car parking space.

So when I say no training, I’ve actually hand dug and moved around 4 tonne of soil and hard-core, would be less knackered training every night!


3x15 20kg

side lateral drop set
5kg x 15 dropped to 3kg x25
3kg x25 followed by 5kg x15

band face pull

rotator cuff work
Few different exercises for high reps

wide pull ups
2x8 testing shoulder out

Light session last night, shoulder still feels dog shit. Had a similar injury a few years back and it took forever to feel right.

Shoulders feel clicky again, I used to suffer with this before. I think all the pull ups and dips are taking there toll.

I’ve noticed I’ve added a a good chunk of muscle to my front delts and maybe starting to look a bit rounded forward, I believe this is what is causing my shoulder issues, maybe I need to make rear delts a priority again.


Good luck with your shoulder mate.
Too many chins have given mine issues along with sore elbows in the past too.


Thanks, I can’t even pin point when I injured it. I’ve managed to still train pain free and can’t find an exercise I’ve been doing that noticeably aggravates it. But if I use it to get up from the floor or some movements at work at funny angles it’s agony!


chin ups
3x7 super slow negative (around 10 secs)

pull up super slow negative
6 singles (around 30 seconds)

band straight arm pull downs

ez bar curl
1 set to failure

Still just messing around and not back into my normal routine but it’s nice to do something different. Incredibly sore lats today from the slow negatives. I took a few videos of my sets that I will add to the pull up thread later.



3x15 (10kg)

db incline press
3x10 (30kg)


standing squeeze press

band tricep push down
3x20 (red and black)
2x20 (black)

hanging explosive knees to elbows


trap bar deadlift
7x10 (110kg)

lying leg raises

standing band crunch


How’s the shoulders feeling


Stiff pretty much sums it up buddy, the stabbing pain seems much better though.

Been doing daily stretches and rotator cuff work, that has opened my eyes to how tight my shoulder and upper back actually are so will keep doing them as much as I can.

How’s things with you?


That’s good you’ve got it under control. Now all you have to worry abput is the random unexpected debilitating injuries :grinning:

Not much to report. I’m on holidays so doing typical teenage stuff haha