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KD13 Project "My dad is bigger than your dad"



Gymnastics soon puts you in your place, a few years back my niece had her birthday party at her gymnastics club. I was messing around doing chin ups on the rings, my niece jumped on my legs to try and pull of down, I did a few chins with her holding my legs. Then her dad came and jumped on like gladiators, I kept hold of the rings for pretty long.

The gym coach came over, young lad about 19, he said that he was impressed with my strength, do you wanna try some holds and some transitions like muscle ups. He made everything look completely effortless, I could not complete a single move despite him telling me exactly what I needed to do, it felt completely impossible.


Db row 350 method


Back extension

Shrugs to failure
71 straight reps


After leaving my bands in the conservatory they have all snapped, Rather painfully stinging my hands. Have ordered a set of 5 bands today from 8 to 30lbs resistance, the good thing is you can clip them altogether to create different resistance. they come with a hook and some handles also. Was pretty cheap so will see how they turn out.


Banded deadlift

Weighted jumps

Calve raises
1x 30ish

Glute bridges

Barrel pushes
4x 6 lengths

Leg raises on dip bars
1x failure


Overhead press
10x3 60kg

100 dips fast as possible
7 minutes 56 secs

Band pull apart


Talk about first world problems! Haha.

“Oh I left my kettlebell in the aviary and now it is simply ghastly!


I admit that sounds much more posh than the reality.

The real world problem is that instead of my gym stuff being in there, it’s a ball pool, slide, tunnel and a whole lot of other toys.


Chin ups
(really slow eccentric and hold at top)

Db row 350 method
(form got a little sloppy on last set)

Low row with bands

Curls with band
100 straight

Back extension



Hungry hungry hungry

Been eating slightly above maintenance for a few month, not really force feeding but hitting some good calories.

All of a sudden this past 2 weeks I’ve seen a massive increase in appetite, hungry all the time. I’m gonna make the most of it and consume as much as I possibly can, think I’m having a late growth spurt!

As you can tell from my workouts I’m pretty much free balling. There’s a loose structure there but I’m just enjoying doing what I feel before switching to the trap bar routine. To do that I need a trap bar and it’s still not back in stock yet, taking the piss.


10x3 (125kg)

3x12 (60kg)
first time doing them so worked on positioning to hit quads better

Hanging leg raises


Written up a new routine to do for a month. Today was day 1. Brutal to be honest, I think this may catch up with me pretty fast.

10 sets of superset dips and chin up

Chin 10/6/8/6/7/5/6/5/5/5 (63)
Dip 10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10 (100)

3x12 (60kg)
1 set is 12 with right leg front and 12 with left


Bossed the 100 dips so will aim at dropping a few sets. Chins were pretty hard going, will work up to that 100 reps.


Day 2

10x4 (125kg)

side lateral
3x12 (10kg)

hanging leg raises

barrel push
3x 6 lengths


Day 3
Assisted wide chin up 350 method
15/9/7 + 19 band pull down

press up 350 method

lawn mowers
3x10 20kg

3x8 20kg

ab wheel

suit case carry
6 lengths per arm

Was shooting for 20+reps on the first set of chins, underestimated the strength of band so fell short.


Day 4

military press
10x3 62kg last set amrap 7 reps

10x3 +10kg Last set amrap 7 reps

10x3 +20kg Last set amrap 7 reps

All 3 exercises done as a circuit.

band pull apart
100 reps


chin and dips superset

10/7/8/6/6/7/6/6/4/5 total 65 +2 on last time

14/14/12/12/10/10/10/10/10 100 in 9 sets

band pull aparts

Lower back feeling a little shitty so put off the Jeffersons and crunchs until tomorrow.


Around 1 year and 24ish lbs apart. Obviously not as lean and my waist is bigger, mostly bloating due to high quantity of food. I’m happy that it’s definitely not 24lbs of fat so I have built some quality lean mass this year. Mostly in my back and traps, will continue doing what I’m doing despite getting the urge to get really lean! I must stay strong and keep eating.


Abs look alot more stronger and muscular too.


Yeah that’s probably the bloating pushing them out!

I’m not sure from those 2 pics that anything really stands out as looking much improved, my back and also glutes have seen the most growth, will try and get a comparison shot of my back.


10x5 @125kg

hanging leg raises

barrel pushes
6 lengths /4 lengths/ 4 lengths

(Last time my grass was wet, this time bone dry, that must have added a shit load of extra resistance as I could not complete my lengths)


assisted wide chin up 350
19/8/6 33 total + 20 pull downs

press up 350
34/15/13 62

3x8 80kg

ab wheel

standing crunch

kneeling crunch

wood chops

kb curl to failure
27 right arm 29 left 8kg


military press
10x4 62kg last set amrap 7 reps

10x4 +10kg Last set amrap 8 reps

10x4 +20kg Last set amrap 9 reps

All 3 exercises done as a circuit.

Happy that after the extra rep in every set I still managed to equal or improve on the amrap.

Was really feeling it after the 7th set.