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KD13 Project "My dad is bigger than your dad"



Seem to have lost all my motivation to train this last week, not really sure why to be honest. My assumption is that repeating the same 2 sessions is getting boring and tracking every gram of food consumed is doing my head in, although I’ve seen great progress over the past 3 weeks. I know I must stick to my plan, because I know it works for me.

Currently have a back injury sustained at football which is making most exercises really uncomfortable, so last night I went off plan and just did some chest.

Flat bench - 8 sets of 3 reps working up weight
Flat bench - 20 rep set
Incline - 2 sets of 12
Close hand press up 4 sets of 2

Having a few days off weighing and tracking food for my sanity.


Not logged in a while but I’m still working away at the trap specialisation, I would say I’ve added some decent mass to that area as well as some the the delts, explosive lawnmower rows and the high rep plate raises are responsible for that.

As of next month I’m back out in the garden, the conservatory is back needed as a play room again now the weather is improving so my gym stuff is getting evicted.

So I need to switch to a much simpler plan with less equipment and less exercises to save on setting up and packing away time, I don’t like leaving everything out to rust or be stolen. So my plan…

50 chin
50 dips
Any isolation I fancy


Ben Bruno trap bar routine.
Barrel pushes


50 chin
50 dips
Isolation of choice.



Ab work will be added as and when I feel like it.

The chin and dip progression will be…
Week 1 50 reps
Week 2 60 reps
Week 3 70 reps
Week 4 80 reps
Week 5 90 reps
Week 6 100 reps

This is the trap bar routine

Don’t yet have a trap bar but it’s on order


Last night back workout.

Dead stop dumbbell rows
5x10 (32kg)
plus drop set to failure with dead stop (22kg)

Chin ups
2x8 2x6 (I suck at doing them second)

Neural grip deadlift holding the plates
3x8 + 1 (120kg) set of normal deadlift x8 (132kg)

Bent over lateral
1x30 (6kg)

Pull apart


Chest and shoulders

Flat bench
5x5 (80kg)

Db incline 350
28/15/14 reps (22kg)

Wide grip press up
3x8 with hold in stretched position

Lawn mowers
3×15 (20kg)

Side lateral
7 top range, 7 lower, 7 full x2 run through
(Last movement to failure)



Cross body curls
4x10 (10kg)

Dumbbell preacher
3x8 (14kg)

Ez curl with 4 sec eccentric
2x8 (32kg)

Close hand press up

Bench dip
3 sets to failure with 20kg added

Overhead extension
3x15 Last set a drop set to failure

Having a dedicated arms day again that I can really hit them hard to complete failure is helping with my higher rep pressing. With the incline 350 method I had been struggling to hit the reps due to my tri failing before my chest. This week I easily beat the 50 reps and it was my chest that seemed to give out first, which can only beneficial to my chest development.


Away with the family with no gym so children squats took care of my leg workout. There are great as there is built in progression, they keep getting heavier as they grow.



Back squat
5x10 70kg

Romanian dead lift db
3x12 30kg a hand

3x20 bw

Kb leg lift ups


Chest and shoulders

Flat bench
5x5 (82kg)

Db incline 350
24/14/13 (24kg)

Wide dips
3x8 body weight

Front plate raise
6kg x 50 straight reps

Side lat
2x8 (15kg) sloppy but was more about power
1x failure 6kg

Doing the best with the tools I have!



Cross body curl
3x10 (13kg)

Db preacher curl
3x10 (15kg)

Ez curl 4 sec eccentric
2x8 (34kg)
1x failure drop set (28kg)

Close hand press up

Kick backs holding peak contraction
2x20 (6kg)

Overhead extension
3x8 (15kg) holding stretched position each rep

Dropped the bench dips tonight as I did parallel dips on chest day.

Working on traps at the minute and seeing some great progress.



Squats (constant tension no lock out)
5x10 (74kg)

Romanian deadlift
3x10 (70kg)

Kb leg lift ups
3x12 (8kg)

Barrel pushes (lunge like motion)
Lengths until I felt like crying and quad cramps


My new chin up bar has arrived. Really happy with it. As soon as I find a big enough drill bit for the anchor bolts I will get it mounted up on the wall. It’s huge!


Fancied some deadlift out in the sun last night.

60kg x 10
80kg x 5
100kg x 5
120kg x 5
140kg x 3
150kg x 3
120kg x10

Then pushed the water barrels 5 sets of 6 lengths. 2 barrels plus a 20kg plate.

Trap bar that I ordered is out of stock, they can’t even tell me when it’s back in stock which is wank. The only other option I have found is £50 more expensive so will wait a little longer to see if it restocks.