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KD13 Project "My dad is bigger than your dad"



Good morning @kd13! Happy to offer my input!

I can’t tell you how many questions and clients I’ve received because of this exact type of situation. They hire a “personal trainer” to give them a diet plan that they don’t like, doesn’t make sense or there are certain aspects they don’t understand, and the “trainers” cannot explain things sufficiently. Looks like another case!

Without knowing anything about your friend, her height/weight/age/training history etc., I’ll do my best.

I think you’re right, but I don’t understand the need to provide ratios, totally irrelevant as long as macros and total cals are on point. Macros would make more sense IMO. Ultimately, it seems they’re supposed to be ratios, and the ratios are wrong. EX meal 1:
-3 whole eggs
-3-4 mushrooms (seriously?)
-coconut oil

3 whole eggs is:
18g protein, 15g fat - 210 calories
Coconut oil - Without giving an amount of coconut oil to use, I’m assuming it’s around 1.5TBSP or so which is ~200cals, and all fat, about 21g.
So, for total, the meal is 36g fat and 18g protein, which would be 66%f, 33%p, 0c. Which adds up to WTF?! Ratios out the window.

I have no idea what’s up with 60g (2oz) of rice. That’s 50 cal of rice. 4oz of lean fish, and chili oil dressing. That sounds terrible.

I’m also concerned at the super low carb approach. 60g of rice (about 13g carbs) and 120g sweet potato (20g carbs) so like, what, 35g carbs for the day? Not sustainable, or enjoyable.

Yes, yes it is massively wrong. The “ratios” are wrong, there’s not enough detail in the recipes either. “Tomato based sauce” could mean a variety of things. “Oil to cook with”, if this girl is paying a trainer for a plan, obviously she needs to know what kind of oil and exactly how much.

When my wife was prepping, I had her at 2000 cals to start and 1400 cals by the end, and even on 1400 cals, she was eating like a king compared to this. Here’s a screen shot of her medium day, normal training, totaling 1645 cals, this was at about 8 weeks out.
*Note, the Finibar could be subbed for oats, peanut butter and some whey.

IMO that meal plan is half assed and whole heartedly terrible. Hope this helps bro, I’m sorry your friend is spending money on this! Please tag me anytime brother!


Top man Rob thank you. I was baffled by it, I kept looking thinking “I must be missing something”. I can’t believe she is paying for that, I didn’t even look at the training plan, can only assume it to be poor.

I have offered to do her nutrition for her and her training free of charge but I think she is a bit embarrassed dealing with someone she knows. I also mentioned I knew of a knowledgeable online coach but didn’t know if you was taking on clients or even what you would charge for a diet plan. I really want to help her as she has tried many times.

In fairness I don’t think her eating habits are that bad other than having a sweet tooth, I feel the problem lies in her activity level and effort in the gym.


@robstein that sample meal day is a massive help, I’ve shown it to my friend to give her an idea of what a days eating can look like and she can see how the numbers need to add up. She messaged me straight back and said that she could see that being achievable and fitting around her schedule, I think it’s opened her eyes to how poor what she was given was.

She is gonna raise the concerns with the PT, unfortunately she has signed a 3 month contract, she hasn’t said how much she is paying. I’m fuming for her!


Was it a Glasgow based PT mate?

So many jokers out there nowadays


No buddy, Midlands gym based trainer. It’s bad that it’s such wide spread. The gym I train (or trained?) at had a few trainers there that were straight up embarrassing, this is a different gym but it sounds about the same. I used to cringe at some of the advice, not to mention the physiques of some of the trainers. One once tried telling me that I’m training too heavy to build muscle, despite never having built an ounce of muscle himself.


That’s a shame. I started coaching a female a few months ago who was in the same camp. She went on Nicole Wilkins website and got a training and nutrition plan from someone on there. At that level, there’s no WAY she’s getting a plan from Nicole Wilkins, obviously one of her Koopa Troopas, and all she got was macros. No meals, food choices, just macros. When she expressed her concerns like, “Why so low carb all the time?” or asked any other questions, there were no explanations. She after a conversation together she wanted to get started, but couldn’t, because she signed a contract and was still forced to pay this other trainer. She wound up starting with me anyway a month early and just biting the bullet.

Personally I don’t subscribe to contracts. If a client isn’t happy with what I’m giving them, they should be able to stop whenever they want. I hope the PT is able to answer her questions and get her on a better plan!


That looks a lot better.

Lift your hips just a bit. Right now you are “Squatting the weight” and it is forcing you to move the bar around your knees in a C bar path.

Elite leveraged DLers can “Squat their Deadlifts” with out the C path. (Short Legs and probably long arms)


@robstein yeah I’m hoping she has a pretty good explanation for it, I will offer to go with my friend if she needs someone there who understands and can ask the right questions.

@BOTSLAYER lifting the hips more is one cue I can nail! Will keep doing some lighter form work. My lower back and core tightness seems to be a big weakness. It’s always been a problem with my squat as well, currently doing 20rep squats and I can feel it giving out really early on.

Last night’s training

5 sets of squats working up to a heavy 5
20 rep squat

Hammer curl
French press


Weight gain has stalled out a bit so decided to start tracking a bit more diligently. It was reassuring as what I estimated I was hitting I actually was, maybe I need to add in a few more calories to get the scale moving again.

May need to start hitting 4000cals and 500 carbs which is ridiculous. I think I’m broken.


Damn dude. What do you eat in a standard day?


That sounds freaking amazing! Not a bad problem to have!


Hi KD,
Good to see you transformed your body.
I weigh 220 pounds want to transform my body.
My muscle strength is only 55%.
Can you suggest how to transform my body?
I am new to the transformation.
Also can you suggest how to start?




The lunch is 2 separate meals, not a crazy mixture of foods!


Saw this on facebook a while ago and screenshotted it. If you need more calories and its a chore liquid calories are so easy man.

I figured. That would taste uhh interesting lol


That’s my standard go too when I’m bulking normally, I have been trying to consistently hit my numbers without protein powder. To be honest my digestion is much better without it but I think it will make life much easier if I start using some again.

I’m actually waiting on some to arrive and I have gluten free oats ready and waiting!



By the weight you have put I’m assuming losing body fat is your goal?

What does your current diet look like? A honest assessment of what you actually eat and drink.

What does your current training look like?

Would be happy to offer some advice when I have the details.


A small tip for the deadlift, keep your head aligned with your spine. It will reduced the risk of injury.

A good way to engage the lat is to try to bend the bar around your shin.

And for the diet to up the calories I drink olive oil, when you are above 3500 calories it is way easier than eat another shitload of rice:P

I wish to obtain your physique dude, you have some solid shoulder! I will follow;)


Yeah I drink my olive oil, I add it to the orange juice, can’t even tell it’s in there. I’m thinking I could up the olive oil slightly and carbs slightly.

The days eating above was fairly easy going for me, so adding a bit more is easy done, if I had a job where I sat down all day I might not have such a calorie demand, would prob get fat though!


Stressful day at work so just felt like lifting something heavy overhead with aggression! So went off piste and done a full shoulders session.

Military press - 10 sets of 3 (last set amrap 7 rep)
Side laterals - 3 sets of 10
Pull aparts - 3 sets of 20
Plate raise - 3 sets of 10
Snatch grip shrug - 3 sets of 10

Then some deadlift form work for a few sets. Keeping the spine angle is killing me so I know I need to strengthen that up.