KD13 Organised Chaos

My strength/endurance has still not returned, been way off the mark this past week, god knows what that illness was but its wiped me out! Still got some okay sessions in but down on reps on every exercise.

Really good walk yesterday though, covered a good distance and a nice climb. Little man did awsome and got his first trig point. Thats my kind of cardio.


Things have been stalling a little with the jp full body. Its mostly motivation. its getting hard pushing every set balls out and im just ready for a change. I will defo come back to it as it worked very well up to this point.

I will now switch to a push pull legs with volume being pushed a little higher each body part. So 3 or 4 exercises per body part, 3-4 sets per exercise.

Will be interesting to see how i get on with higher volume lower frequency.


So my current routine is as follows, body part split, sometimes its split over 4, 5, or crammed into 3 days. Much nicer when its 5 shorter sessions, sucks ass when its 3 longer sessions and 4 is not bad. Its 4 most often.

shoulders and abs
High incline barbell 4x8-12
Side laterals 3x12-15
Db shoulder press 2x8-12
Face pulls or band pull aparts 3x12-15

Hanging leg raises 3x failure
Cable crunch 2x 8-12
Band twistys 2x15-20
Plank 2x till i cant

Squats 4x8-12
Ring hamstring curls 4x10-12
Sissy squats 3x10-15
Rdl or stiff legs 2x8-10

chest and tri
Flat bench 4x6-10
Low incline bench 3x10-15
Dips 3x8-12
Flys 2x8-12

Overhead extention 3x8-12
Tricep pushdowns 3x10-15

back and biceps
Chin ups 4x failure
T bar row 3x8-12
Bench supported row 2x8-12
Cable pull overs or single arm pull down 2x10-12

Hammer curls 3x6-10
Db curls 3x8-12

Pretty bro and im easing into the higher volume, freaking out a bit that its a long time between repeating a body part. I needed a change though even if its only for a month or so.



Gif testing to see if the app i downloaded works, amrap dips finisher.


So the last 3 weeks ive been having a bit of a break from the ‘bulk’. Ive still been consuming a lot of calories but rather than force feeding ive just been hitting protein targets and eating when hungry, some days the hunger was high, some days its been nice just eating less carbs.

This is absloutly not a cut or pushing for any intentional weight loss. Although the bump in volume and the lower food consumption has lead to me leaning up a noticable amount. My battery died in my scales so i decided to not track weight whilst on this break. Will interesting to see how much ive droped, by eye i would say 5-10lb (alot of waste, bit of fat.)

Strength is on the up.

Will start upping the cals again at the end of this week, i feel refreshed and ready to start eating til i feel sick again!


Shoulders and abs

Shoulder press
Side lateral
Band pull aparts
Db neutral press
1x21 then some partials

Hanging leg raises
Cable crunch
Max time



Charged my scales up and checked weight, only 2lb ish down. Very happy with that as im noticably sharper and waist is tighter. Mythical recomp, or maybe the effects of the direct ab training is kicking in, i had been neglecting it.


Im looking at doing my first novice strong man comp. I found the perfect comp local to me, i was happy i would do okay with the events and weights but unfortunately the comp is full booked and has a few people on the reserve list. Im struggling to find other comps within a reaonable distance but will keep searching.

Couple of things im unsure of as ive never used one is how much more difficult is it to press and deadlift with an axle? And would farmers walks with a trap bar carry over at all to individual handles? Or would it feel completely different?

The keg and sand bag carry/ shouldering events i can replicate so i know how capable i am with those.

Im going to look at maybe making an axle bar.

@T3hPwnisher any thoughts on the above, or any body else who has done a comp.

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Making an axle bar is stupid simple. Brian Alsruhe has a great video on it here

An axle doesn’t have rotating collars, doesn’t flex, and is thicker in diameter. As far as deadlifting goes, even with straps that thick diameter comes into play because it puts the bar an inch in front of you and an inch below you, so it’s like a very difficult semi-deficit deadlift. As far as pressing goes, the bar will be slightly out in front of you and have zero whip, if you’re the kinda guy that relies on bar whip. ALSO, getting the bar INTO position will be tough, and learning how to continental sooner rather than later will be a boon

If the choice was between hex bar and no farmers whatsoever, getting good at hex bar farmers will go a long way. What you’ll miss out on is strategy: with independent handles, you learn how to let the weight tip forward so the weight carries YOU and not the other way around. This allows you to move much faster on farmers, as they’re effectively a controlled fall. Plate loadable farmers are also pretty easy to DIY though

But all that to say: it’s a first time comp. Show up and have fun!

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Thats awesome thanks for the insight.

Maybe the listed weights will be tougher than i think then. The gym where the event is taking place has some strongman sessions so i will book in and test out the axle. Grip strength is a big weakness.

I just really fancy doing one even if i come dead last!

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I has an old standard bar and some thick metal pipe already lying around, quickest build ever! @T3hPwnisher

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Back and bi

5x5 deadlift
4x10 chin up
4x12 upper back cable rows
1x cable lat pull over into lat pull down

Bi was Poundstone curls seeing as i had made the axle between my back sets.