KD13 Not Very Strongman

Are you using tacky on the stones? It makes a really big difference.

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I didnt apply tacky but the stones were pretty covered. No issue with grip and the stone felt light, easy to lap and not bad to extend up with but feels like it just gets stuck at a height and technique is restricting it coming up higher. 60" platform, can whip it up to the 55".

The first stone at 65" is light enough i can just explode and clean and press it up or shoulder it and pop it up.

Was my first time with the stones, so not suprised i found it tough going.


Stroke of luck this morning with some good timing. Arrived at the strongman gym this morning just as the owner was finishing up with a client, chatted a bit about the comp and how atlas stones was a fail last session. He then took a look and gave me a stones technique lesson!

Applied tacky

I was sitting down too low in lap position, which made it more front squating the stone up rather than a driving it up with hips and glutes.

Stepping my feet in closer together before lapping to get an extra inch or so of height.

I was trying to get as much arm contact with the stone, which with my long arms meant i was wrapped around it too much and restricting its roll upwards, he then got me to be more arms over the top and hands under the back far side of the stone.

Stones slipped on my clothing so made me do it topless.

This resulted in all stones being loaded to the comp heights, thats a big win.


First comp completed! Enjoyed it, few begginer mistakes cost me points so ended up 12th in my class out of 15 overall but on the moving events i was more mid table. I completed every lift which was my goal so overall happy.

Straps on deadlift ladder cost me time

Lost footing on a turn on farmers, regained my legs but it knocked my grip so droped not long after that. I tripled the distance i was expecting so all the grip work paid off.

I thought i had the last stone more on the ledge enough so released my hands to give it a nudge on but it rolled back and fell. Got it up the second try but it ended up a fight!

Overall great experience, would have liked to have finished mid table but it was only fine margins off being there, which for first comp and the lightest conpetitor there im taking as a win.



Congratulations! Even if you didn’t finish first, you still finished. Great job!

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Nice going.

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Well done!

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Thanks guys!

Im proud of my efforts, i made a few errors that cost me places but thats lack of experience. I didnt feel out of place in my class and many others failed some lifts.