KD13 Not Very Strongman

Thoughts on the events and training plan…

Event 1 Deadlift ladder
I can pull all the weights but do not have access to the various bars used. Straps are allowed so need to buy some figure 8s to speed that up. Training wise im just going to do 5x5 with the occasional event practice. Load top weight, lift, run a little, lift it again repeat.

event 2 viking press max reps in 60 sec
Dont have access to viking at home so going to nail push press, will work in some rest pause and clusters. Will attend the gym the event is at to use the viking press every now and then.

event 3 farmers walk max distance
Grip is my issue and will give up way before my body will, so will just keep doing max distance runs and max time holds. Speed is going to be my friend.

event 4 carry medley
I have my keg and sand bag loaded to event weights but dont have a duck walk handle. So will be making one of them. Again speed is going to be important here, keg i can whip up and get moving fast but sandbag is a bit slower.

event 5 atlas stones
Only have my 60kg at home and its easier to grip. Will do lots of technique practice with this and then attend to gym to use the actual atlas stones. I worry about this one most so may pay for some technique lessons!

Not alot of static strength stuff so thats good for me.

Obviously this is only a bit of fun for me and puts a bit of my training to use.

It will be good for my son to see me trying something new and probably not doing that well at it!

Any advice always welcome


So…deadlifting with an axle sucks ball sack.

You can use straps in the event so used them tonight but 150kg felt like it was glued to the floor. I need to figure out my technique on this as 150kg should not feel that heavy!


oh nice! great to have something to drive the motivation to workout

all the best.

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Long time no posts…

Moved house so between not having a usable gym space and having so much work to do on the house, actual gym sessions have been sporadic. I have on the other hand been knocking walls down, shifting bricks, slabs, rubble sacks, concrete posts, digging and shifting soil, generally moving heavy awkward objects.

So i think i have probably lost a little strength in places but have actually gained in some areas despite the lack of actual barbell sessions. I did load up the axle to just under comp weight last night and pulled it pretty clean, and i was ripping up the comp weight sand bag convincingly for multiple rep sets. Will be moving the sand bag, keg and atlas balls to the garden tp practice covering distance with them fast.

Going to get some elbow sleeves so any recommendations welcome.


Great to see the update, November will roll round quickly, hopefully you get a bit of free time to get hitting the weights again soon, but a fixer up house is obviously a priority!

If all else fails just eat an absolute tonne on October and turn up fat, it might help!

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I lose the benifit of “that skinny guy is kinda strong” if i do that!

Good to see you back, ive not been on much but just caught up on your log. Brians programs are horrific so great to see you smashing it.

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You definitely don’t get that benefit now anyway!

Good to be back, seems like the forum has shrunk a little since I left but still a great place and helps keep me on track!

I think the programmes are smashing me not the other way round, but they’re my go to for making sure I get my work done (particularly the stuff I hate, conditioning, abs etc!) In a quick time!

Attended the gym where the comp will be held this morning primarily to have a go on the viking press. Hit 3 sets of 5 with the comp weight and it did not cause me any bicep tendon pain, so taking that as a win. I strict pressed it, so 4 weeks to work on push press and dipping under to really drive up the amount of reps i can get.

Duck walk sucked balls, it found the massive weakness in my hips and glutes!


@T3hPwnisher hope you dont mind the tag but looking for an opinion on how to approach the max rep viking press in 60 secs.

I set a timer today and hit 11reps, 9 in a row, then a couple of shaky singles after a short rest in rack position. I was then burnt out with about 20 seconds left! You have to keep it in hand so even the breaks felt like it was sapping energy. I dont know if spliting it up into 3 4s would keeps me further away from failure or just drain me whilst resting. If i could put it down i think clustering reps would work but as soon as it touches down your go is over.

Obviously i will try other methods before the comp and see what eeks out the most reps but what would be your approach?

Hey Man,

I really appreciate the tag, however, unfortunately…

“Go completely balls out from the start and keep up that pace until the timer runs out” is my answer. I’m really not into the sport to win: I’m in it to push myself stupidly hard. Strategy really isn’t my strong suit.

If you’re in it to win it, it might be good to bounce some ideas off of @Koestrizer or @strongmanvinny1 . Both dudes are solid performers. If you’re in it just to push stupid hard: do just that, haha.

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I get that mate, im only really doing it to push myself and put my training towards something, so not looking to win but would like to put im my best performance in terms of reps completed.

Lol i tried that but was already grinding reps 15 seconds in :joy: i should have guessed this would have been your approach!

Im pretty sure im going the weakest in the line up so i was trying to be a little smarter about eeking out reps

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If you’re allowed to deload yourself from the implement and rest, I would bang out reps until it gets challenging then rest and pause and bang out some more in clusters.

If you have to take strain the entire time and not place it down, it’s a lot more based on how heavy the load is for you. Since it’s relatively light (hitting 10 reps and then some), I would still do the above method but I would really see how well you can bust through the reps with an exhale going on the first few reps (as opposed to holding the air as per val salva). When you do any AMRAP in strongman, your reps are based on strength primarily, but secondly how well you can manage your breathing under load. If you can sacrifice val salva (as per weight being manageable enough), then do it. Exhale as the weight goes up and breathe more bodybuilding/runner-esque. Powerlifting breathing will have stronger reps arguably, but you will gas out sooner.

You can even try wim hoff breathing before your amrap and see if that carrys over.


First of all the tag feels like receiving knighthood, @T3hPwnisher .

I have only done viking press once in competition. I did win the event with 15 reps though.
@strongmanvinny1 pretty much covered what I was going to suggest on breathing (don’t hold air too much). One alternative strategy could be to find a pace that you can keep for the 60 seconds but honestly, that’s not what I would personally go for.
One thing I find helpful in a situation like that (lots of reps and a light weight): Don’t hype yourself up too much. Don’t waste energy and try to be as efficient as possible with your technique. Just think “next rep - next rep - next rep”.

I just rewatched the video of my competition and I just went rep after rep and failed rep 16, haha. So no strategic genius there.


@strongmanvinny1 @Koestrizer thanks for that guys.

You cant put the implement down and it felt pretty shitty to just hold it in the bottom position after blasting to failure but thats probably down to my positioning and inexperience, That was only the 2nd time viking pressing.

I was just standard breathing, muscular failure just seemed to hit quick. I defo need to work on using some leg drive and not controling the ecentric but thats just old habits from more bb focus.

Is the viking comp vid in your log? @Koestrizer

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It is somewhere but since I have searched for it anyway:

yeah those are some good points! All about being as efficient as possible here.


Awesome mate, great performance :clap:

Thank you!

Dude, you’ve more than earned that. You’re way more of a strongman than I ever was. Your dedication is inspiring.

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To read that from a man I’ve looked up to for literally a decade by now made me quite emotional. Thanks for the kind words, man.

Also I read it in between sets and gravity went down significantly!

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I have to have another go at the atlas stones at some point this week. I failed to get the second stone up, the platforms were high, i could get it up on the next platform down but was struggling with the extra couple of inch.
I didnt even bother looking at the 3rd and 4th stone.

Deadlift felt awful last session which has knocked my confidence there a bit, made a couple of form changes and i think it just wasnt feeling right.