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KD13 Got a Slight Chub On

I don’t think I look much different other than my waist size has dropped drasticly. It’s down 4in, and weight is down 24lb.

This worrys me, i must carry a lot of the bad kind of fat under my abs and around my organs to lose this much weight and waist size but not be massively leaner.

Not trained in a while and looking forward to getting back to it, diet has been very slack but not looking too bad on it.


not necessarily - you could just be like me and carry it all in the lower abs/lateral aspect of the lower back.

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Yeah hopefully that’s more it. Maybe a lot of bloat too from being so high carb before.

Im really excited about training to gain mass again, it’s sucked the passed few months not being as strong and progress in the gym has been stale. That was always gonna happen in a deficit and dropping weight. I had to bail on one of my fav programmes (Paul Carter guaranteed muscle) because I was constantly missing rep targets or hitting the exact numbers every time. I didn’t lose much strength but still Frustrating.

Being in a deficit has made me find my hunger again, I feel really ready to start eating big! I’ve learned a lot about diet and my body on this cut and can use that to my advantage. Gonna try not to rely on carbs as much, will up my fats more and take in more sodium.

It helps that I actually preferred my physique before the cut, I don’t feel desperate to stay leaner and really want to put the weight back on. My clothes are too baggy!

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What??? You look extremely leaner in the pic on the right. :thinking:

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Nah, he just upgraded his phone


@jamie1888 waist is smaller I agree, but I expected more of a thin skin look, maybe if I stuck with it for longer that may have come!

@lil.greggy yep, much better camera can do wonders for the physique.


Um… I’m not buying it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Has your baby arrived?

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Yep here in all his pooping screaming glory! I’ve wanted to be a dad for so long that I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Are you still running your more relaxed version of the green faces? If so how are you finding it?


Training from home at the minute. Don’t have much equipment but had a good session.

Rest pause press ups (doggcrap)
Landmine press 5×15
Single arm landmine row 3×amrap
Barbell curl rest pause (doggcrap style)
Band pull aparts 5×20
Loaded carries 3×2min

I’m going to buy something to allow me to chin up and dip and will get some extra plates to allow me to deadlift.

Starting to make some strong man stuff also, the loaded carries were done with some large water containers, with water they are around 30kg each. Will fill them with sand to up the weight.


Awesome! Congratulations! :baby:t3::blush:

A lot of my meals are Green Face compliant. But, I have incorporated pretty much everything & anything back into my diet. The main change I’ve made since the diet is consuming less protein powder, protein bars and Splenda. Trying to eat real food instead of supplementing out of laziness and the fact that I want everything to be sweet.

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@jamie1888 sound like a good plan, will be much more sustainable long term. Will be keeping up to date with your log.

Home session again,

Rest pause press ups 29/11/9
Single arm row 3x amrap
Land mine press 3×15
Kettle bell hammer curl 4×12
Kettle bell side lat 3×15
Rest pause military press 13/7/4


Brought this door chin up bar for days when the weather is bad.

So tonight I did 5 chins every minute on the minute for 10min. 50 chins in 10 minutes, will do 6 on the minute next time.

Ordering this for outdoors

I can do my weighted stuff on that and will get some rings to attach to it for ring dips.


Current back pic, I have no idea how to pose! My biceps seem to disappear when I try and get a picture of a back double bi.

Weight is creeping back up, struggling to fit sessions in as still adjusting to life with the little one.


Just a little update on my current diet and training situation.

Since finishing the transformation I went back to just eating whatever I liked when I felt like it, for me this is maintenance. To bulk I have to really force feed, not been doing that though as training has been very slack after the birth of my son. My weight went back up very quickly to 73kg within 2 weeks and has stayed there for 7 weeks holding steady.

I am terrible at training from home! I’ve done the odd session here and there but cant get motivated with the equipment I have and the distractions. I’m wanting to spend as much time with my son as possible and this is taking priority. I’m considering returning to the gym soon hopefully twice a week and then 1 from home.

Physique wise I’m holding up okay, starting to feel like I may be starting to lose muscle. Arms and delts are most noticeable, which is to be expected as these are the two areas I had been focusing on most recently. Relatively lean still so that’s a positive.

Back in the gym today!

Low inline db press - 3×12
Pec deck- 1 rest pause set 15/8/5
Smith shoulder press 3x8
Side laterals - 6kg×10 4kgx15 2kgx25 (no rest)
Leg press - 3x8
Leg extension - 3x12
Tricep tri set - 1 run through (push down, close hand press up, overhead) failure on all 3

Finished off with some ab work

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Home workout

Chin ups 4x8
Bent over underhand row 3×15
Band pull apart 4×20
Barbell curl 3×10
Kettle bell hammer curls 2 x failure
Shrugs with my water barrels 1x 25


Been repeating the workouts and progressing despite only training x2 a week. Eating at what I believe to be slightly above maintenance, gaining very slowly and keeping some abs.

Contemplating really pushing up cals to see if I can get back up to 80kg but fear that training less I will be sloppy at that weight.


Was clearing out an old stock room at work and found some poles and joiners. Cut the poles down and cleaned every thing up.

Spent a bit of time building and created this

Need a bit of work on the the base as was only using what I had in the shed but pretty sturdy!

Here are my water containers for carries.


Arms circuit tonight. 4 circuits no rest between exercises.

Dips x10 bw
Hammer curl x8 14kg
Close hand press up x12
Barbell curl x12 35kg

Then some ab circuit work 2 sets

Dip bar leg raises x10
Weighted sit ups x10
Plate twists x 20
Dip bar knee raises x failure

Single arm carries 1 minute a side
Double arm 1 minute 30 seconds


Hey man! How are things going