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KC's Juggernaut Log



Played around with BB stuff during HS, never for more than a few weeks
Just finished Starting Strength after a little over a year--had a 3 month gap prior to restarting in January which went straight on until last week.


S: 340
B: 255
D: 360
P: 3x5 @ 145

Short Term Goals: Improve conditioning, weak(est) points (upper back, abs, hams/glutes) and compete in my first PL meet in December.

By end of 2011:

S: 405
B: 315
D: 455
P: 225

Get back to BJJ training and compete in both it and PL for 2012 and on, if all goes well.

Long Term (3 years?):

Raw Eilte Total (1607)

S: 550+
B: 450+
D: 600+
P: 315?

BJJ Blue Belt



10’s Accumulation:

Jump Rope: 200 touches
DeFranco’s Agile 8

Hip Flexor Stretch: 1x60 seconds each side
Glute Bridges: 2x10 w/5s hold @ top
Bird Dogs: 2x10 w/5s hold @ top (all from Bret Contreras’ “Dispelling the Glute Myth” article–but forgot the two sets of Fire Hydrants)

Squat: 5x10 @ 185
Reverse Hyper: 5x10 @ bar
Barbell Glute Bridges: 5x10 @ 135

Cressey Rolling Warmdown/static stretching

Holy deconditioned! The last set of 10 squats was supposed to be AMRAP–and it basically was… I HUGELY underestimated how tough 10 rep sets would be. Having gone 5-rep sets for pretty much my entire training career, I was not used to this in any way–the weight wasn’t heavy at all but I was gassing hard around 7 reps.

Either way it was a nice change from 3x5 and I’m looking forward to progressing.



Jump Rope: 200 Contacts
DeFranco’s Simple 6

Bench: 10/10/10/10/15 @ 137.5
Kroc Rows: 1x30 each hand @ 45
Ab Wheel: 3x5 building up to full extension

Foam Rolling/Static Stretching



Warm Up

Deadlift: 10/10/10/10/15 @ 195
Front Squat: 5x10 @ 95
Good Mornings: 5x10 @ 45

Hill Sprints: 3x30 below 60% and 3x30 above 70%, increasing intensity each sprint.

Assloads of foam rolling and static stretching.

Set my hips down on the pulls (I pull sumo) and my adductors are fucking shot already. Walking is giong to be difficult tomm. First time ever doing front squats and hill sprints, too.

Note to self: Sambas are THE WORST shoes for skipping and sprinting.



Warm Up

OHP: 10/10/10/10/15 @ 85
Chin Ups: 3x3 (Purple bands)
Decline Crunches: 3x10

Warm Down

Looking forward to recovering this weekend and starting the second week on Monday.



Squat: 3x10 @ 207.5
Reverse Hyper: 5x10 @ 10
Barbell Glute Bridges: 5x10 @ 145

I’ve been rotating warm-ups because skipping is giving me insane shin splints. Girlfriend showed me some stretches and how to wrap my feet.

The weight isn’t the problem with squatting its my lack of conditioning. My form goes to shit at about 7 reps so the rest are more taxing then they should be.

Talked with a guy and his girlfriend who were deadlifting after the session. He was doing sets of 5 with 635 and she was doing sets of 5 with 405. Got some good tips and will most likely go out to Diablo Barbell to watch a raw meet this saturday.



Bench: 10/10/17 @ 155
Kroc Rows: 4x10 @ 45, 1x30 @ 55
Ab Wheelout: 3x6 building up to full extension

Everything felt good.



Jump Rope
Agile 8

Deadlift: 10/10/17 @ 220
Good Morning: 5x10 @ 55
Front Squat: 5x10 @ 100

All assistance done w/1 min. breaks.

Hill Sprints: 4x30

Was ADD all day at work and the gym. Went right from sprints to the shower without stretching. Had more DL reps in the tank. Looking forward to next week.



OHP: 10/10/15 @ 95
Pull Ups (Purple Band): 4/4/4
Weighted Crunches: 3x10 @ 5

Triceps aflame during last set. Maybe a slightly wider grip for next week.



End of 10’s wave this week.

Squat: 13 @ 230
Reverse Hyper: 5x10 @ 20
BB Glute Bridges: 5x10 @ 155

Pretty pleased with the squat actually, form was pretty solid throughout. I was shooting for 13 but in hindsight I should have busted out 2 more. High rep stuff fucks with your mind, lol

Thinking about bailing on glute bridges, they’re not really doing anything. Maybe some unilateral leg stuff or something instead.



Bench: 1x17 @ 175 (was supposed to be 172.5)
Kroc Rows: 4x10 @ 50’s, 1x25 @ 65’s
Ab Wheel: 3x7

No warm up no warm down. Got a promotion today but was pretty run down so just in and out. Ready to smash the deadlift on Thursday.


I’d been planning to run the JM, then three cycles of 531 (with the last two being meet prep a la the new book) and then compete in my first meet in December, but a guy who just joined my gym with a few RAW state records has been suggesting I compete sooner than later and as it happens there’s a meet the Saturday after the very last day of the Juggernaut Method.

I figure i’ll ramp up the conditioning a little earlier than I expected (i.e. the 8’s and 5’s waves), taper assistance and conditioning off significantly the 2nd through 4th weeks of the 3’s wave and then compete after the last day of deloading on September 10th.

Since my goal is 1200 for the year, I figure I’ll aim for between 1050 and 1125, just get 9 good lifts without shooting for the moon, get some experience under my belt and then go for it in December. I can’t believe the timing, lol.



Deadlift: 18x242.5
Good Morning: 5x10 @ 65
OHP: 17x105
Chin Ups (Purple): 5/3/3

Hands were toast after using a bar with super sharp knurling for pulls, plus I’m doing a high volume gripper routine simultaneously.

10’s wave done, overall I’m pretty pleased with how I’ve begun adapting to the high-volume, plus the diet which has been working phenomenally. Already lost 7 pounds in a month which is actually a little quick so I may up the calories a bit.

Squat was a disappointment, though I think that high-rep squatting fucked with me mentally. On to the 8’s–looking at what my work sets will be it looks like I’ll have my work cut out for me.



Deload Week

Squat: 3x5 @ 125/155/185
Reverse Hyper: 3x10 @ 40
Step Ups: 2x10 each leg @ 95

Bench: 3x5 @ 95/115/135
DB Rows: 3x10 @ 55/65/75
Weighted Crunches: 2x8 @ 25



8’s Accumulation

Squat: 8/8/8/8/10 @ 210
Reverse Hyper: 5x10 @ 50
Sumo RDL: 5x10 @ 95
Pallof Press: 5x5seconds each side, 20lbs

2-3 squat reps in the tank.

Note to self: don’t skip half of deload weeks because you think it’s not worth it.


Work has been insane lately. Still been lifting when I can.


Bench: 8/8/8/8/10 @ 162.5
DB Rows: 1x22 @ 70
Dips: 1x5
Weighted Crunches: 2x8 @ 25


Deadlift: 8/8/8/8/12 @ 237.5
Good Morning: 2x10 @ 65
Front Squat: 2x10 @ 105


Press: 8/8/8/8/9 @ 102.5

I think I sabotaged the gains this program would have gotten me by being a lazy piece of shit (and by trying to cut carbs during the highest volume phase of the program :expressionless: ), but I’m gonna see it through.



Squat: 3x8 @ 232.5
Reverse Hyper: 3x10 @ 60
SLDL: 3x10 @ 100

Training is crap and all over the place. I know it’s my fault for being inconsisent, but fuck high-reps tbh. I just want to be fat and never go over two reps, lol.

If I ever run TJM again I have to eat way more and will focus on conditioning.



Bench: 8/8/12 @ 180
DB Rows: 1x25 @ 75’s
Dips: 1x5, 1x4 (= i’m fat)


Deadlift: 8/8/11 @ 265
DO AXLE MOTHER FUCKERS: singles up to 1x220 DO, singles up to 265 mixed
OHP: 8/8/9 @ 115



Squat: 1x8 @ 257.5
Hypers: 4x10 @ 70
RDL: 4x10 @ 110

I gotta get my squat in gear pronto. The entry form for the meet in September was posted yesterday. The guy who set the CA State records for squat and deadlift offered to come with me so I’m going to defer my decisions for everything to him, including whether I should try to stay below 242 or just fuck it and go 275 class (but probably weigh in around 245-255).


Just deleted a long ass post about how disappointed I am so far with this program, and what high expectations I have for the 5’s and 3’s waves …


Bench: 1x10 @ 197.5
DB Rows: 1x25 R, 1x23 L @ 80’s
Dips: 1x6, 1x5 (6?)