KCL and NaCl Supplementation

Regarding potassium and sodium supplementation while cutting… couple questions on this :

  1. Are there any implications with supplementing sodium but not potassium biologically other than possibly not performing as well.

  2. KCL “salt subsitute” is found in grocery stores and is the easiest way to supplement potassium with NaCl? Around 2000mg of potassium is considered safe…correct? The RDA sets the potassium amount at 4000mg, heard 2000mg does the trick?

I began increasing my sodium intake to per liter of water. The effects are great with subduing cravings and increased energy levels. Currently I’m in a cutting phase and using Metabolic Drive Proteins, Superfood, Surges, Leucine etc. Also having a healthy carb up meal once per week. (Short term cut)

As for supplementing Na but not K… if you become deficient in something… then it will impair you somehow. For instance, I’ve heard muscle cramps get blamed on potassium deficiency.

And salt substitute or “lite salt” is indeed an uber-cheap way to supplement it. Potassium vitamins are ridiculously low strength due to what I can only presume is a retarded regulation.

Uber Zone,

Yaw no mucscle cramps or anything yet but, definitely will give the “lite salt” a go.

I just read a great post under the Anaconda forum “Intensified Flavoring” section. A couple guys really broke down the science behind K, Na, and Cl. Very useful stuff regarding this matter. My questions have been answered on this subject.

Supposedly Chloride in abundance from the KCl and NaCl may not be the best thing for your body in high doses. Some studies in the past have shown for hypertension and damgage to ones arteries. Anyone know of a better sodium supplement than unrefined seasalt? The Potassium supplementation would remain at KCl.

One can buy, for example, potassium citrate over the Internet.

Yeah that would be the better call, Bill. Thanks…and great information on the intitial topic.

Bill, would you advise keeping your Potassium levels above 4500mg per day if were training hard, although not cutting. I’m sure my daily eating habits will allow 3500 to 5000mg of K per day. Do you supplement above this due to intense training?

Personally I tend not to concern myself about it when eating a diet that is probably giving an amount such as you say, though if using an added 2 g/day, that isn’t a problem when it’s with such a diet. But it may well be, and probably is, of no further benefit.

Sweating does increase potassium loss though.

And finally, if one were to be using a ballpark 2g per liter of H20 of sodium replacement…would this include total water from mixing pro shakes, peri-workout shakes, herbal tea, etc. For example when on a cutting cycle where solid food is minimal.

I didn’t mean 2 g per liter, but 2 g total for the day.

But 2 g per liter isn’t an unacceptable concentration, if wanting to have the supplementation in just a single liter. For example, coconut water has a slightly higher concentration of potassium than that (2.5 g per liter.)\

So, not 2 g for every liter consumed, but 2 g total, whether this is in a single liter or whether a gallon, or whatever amount, of liquid is prepared for the day.


I was speaking of NaCl Sodium…sorry changed subject. I understood the 2g’s of potassium, you’ll note I was speaking of 2g sodium per liter of h20 above. Now, that 2g of NaCl per liter was a rule of thumb used by Scott Abel. The question was is that total water used for shakes, tea, peri workout, etc, or strictly pure water intake that determines the amount of sodium ingested using his recommendation…

Oh. My mistake.

As personal opinion, I don’t think a per-liter rule needs to be applied with regard to sodium, though it’s certainly acceptable to do it.

If following that method, then I think his idea is for it to be total water intake or something reasonably close to the total.

But if for example this would drive the total amount used to 16 g (8 liters per day), then I wouldn’t do it. Actually I would stop way before that point, as personal preference. Half of that seems absolutely plenty to me.

I agree thanks…16g of sodium per day is a bit nutty on a cutting diet following 8 liters of H20, in my opinion. For the record, I have been taking in about 5g sodium per 6-7 liters of H20 while cutting and about 5g potassium per day. So people don’t think my hearts going to explode. This has been great thus far.