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Kcal Intake Question

First post on T-Nation yabadabadoo!

When trying to lose body fat what is the lowest Kcal intake you guys have gone to on a daily basis?


It doesn’t matter what other people do. It’s whats bet for you!
Also you shoudn’t focus on the lowest amount to lose bodyfat. you should focus on the highest amount to lose bodyfat. That way you will lose less muscle during the process!

I did the V-diet once, which I think was about 1800 kcal. I don’t recommend it.

I’m currently in the last couple of weeks of a cut, and I’m downing about 2000kcal. That’s my cut-off point. I don’t go lower than that.

And it’s worth pointing out that it took me a while to get there.

Thanks for the responses guys.