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Kcal Deficit Since Feb. What Should I Do Now?


I have been trying to be in a kcal deficit since February and ate a maximum of 1800-2000 kcal, which has worked well. I weighed 90 kg today, but i think it may be due to some water. -5 kg ​​since February can not be right when I have eaten so little food and I weighed 86 three days ago…

Regardless of that, it is that when I see the body, it looks really belly and the fat is hanging. I am not doing any lifting program or so. When I sit, the fat rolls arrive, since the body is not tight. Have previously weighed about 80kg, but the body was quite belly as well.

So what do i need to do now? To eat a lot of food does not work, then I put on a lot of fat again.

er… start lifting.

-Read a bunch of articles and pick pretty much any program off this site. This is a good start…

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Ok thanks!

But i am bit unsure. Should i keep being in kcal deficit? Or in a small kcal surplus do add muscle? But i am afraid to add more nescesarry fat…

Maybe i should add cardio too?

1800-2000 calories seems very low for your weight, you can’t really reduce it more when your weight loss stalls. These two articles seem to be good regarding dieting.

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So what would u do i my shoes then?

What about this:

Eating 2400 kcal, ALOT of protein - lifting weights, and doing cardio 4 times a week were i will burn 400-500 kcal, and it will be 2000 kcal.

I want to get rid of fat, but also get a much tighter body/higher musclemass aswell…

I’m not the best person to give advice so maybe I shouldn’t of posted but it seems like you’re trying to achieve two opposing goals at once. Generally it’s hard to increase muscle mass and get rid of fat at the same time so if I were you I’d pick one to focus on.

I’ll just repeat advice I’ve seen given in similar situations and hopefully someone better can chime in afterwards. Try to establish good eating habits such as in the simple diet article no matter what your goal. Usually I’d say once you’re doing that simply eat more to gain weight and less to lose weight but with calories as low as yours you maybe shouldn’t lower them (may be wrong here). So with that said try aiming for around 14 or 15xBW in pounds for calories and adjust from there.

As for workouts and cardio what was suggested to you will be fine. I don’t think you need to do cardio four times a week, once or twice is probably enough.

Read around the forums a lot and read some articles too, mainly just get in the gym and do something.

Yes, up your calories to maintenance and one or two days a week can eat in small surplus. This will allow you to train harder and harder and build your metabolism.

How old are you? -the younger you are the more diet flexibility/surplus days you can get away with

As a beginner a full body template like that will lean you out as well as build a base of muscle and strength.

What do u mean by maintance? For the reckord, i am 87 kg and 6 feet 1. I am 20 years old.

I am not a totally new beginner, i have lifted before, but that was without eating good food.

PS: Sorry for my english, i am not from the states.

Ok good, this gives you a lot of options. At your age if you hit it hard in training and as long as you dont eat junk food/sugar soda crap etc then you can, and should, lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

Very approximate, but at 6’1 I would say up your calories to 2500 minimum and then nudge it up to 3000 over time/see how your body responds.

Ok, i will try that.

Because i have tried to bulk before, and then i eat around 3000 kcal, but the result were that i added TO MUCH fat. I think that i added 5-6 kg fat, in some weeks.

2500 sounds better. But should i eat alot of protein? I am thinking around 180 gram protein?

Highly were likely you were
a) not training hard enough/enough volume
b) crap program and excercise choice
c) bad food choices

…Don’t worry. In the future, once you build a base there are programs like these where you could eat like 3500 calories and not gain fat…

Yes go high protein, 200grams even

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But why do u reccomend 200 gram protein? The muscles get bigger if i eat alot of protein?

Because i have heard some people reccomend 1,5 gram pr kg, and others 2 etc.

ABsolutely, it is the primary building block of muscle. Can lean you out as well,much better recovery also…

Ok, i will go for 200 grams then.

Where do u reckommend that the proteinsources should be from? To eat 200 gram protein from just food is quite different. Are u fan of proteinpowder like whey etc?

Yeah get a good quality whey

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I wouldn’t get anymore than a quarter of my protein intake from powder. It’s pretty easy to get 150g from Chicken, beef or fish.

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[quote=“selfin, post:8, topic:229897”]What do u mean by maintance?[/quote]Maintenance mean number of calories your body requires, no more no less. Eating maintenance you theoretically wouldn’t gain or lose weight.

Basic nutritional macros:
For protein, lifters in general will say 1 gram per pound of bodyweight minimum. 90kg=200lb so 200 grams is your minimum.

Fats at around 20% of your target caloric intake. Try to stick to good fats (as in eggs, olive oil, etc).

The rest as carbohyrdrates. Its best to avoid simple carbs and eat complex carbs.

Remember that 1g of protein has 4 calories, 1g carbs is 4 cals, and 1g of fat is 9 cals.



But i will try to go with 200 gram protein, like the guy over u reccomended.

I see. But can i get tighter. I mean, can i get some muscles, when i am in a maintance-modus? Maintance for me is like 2500 calories, more or less.

Depends who you ask. I’m with the group that thinks you can do some transformation at the beginning if you are overweight initially, but as your bodyfat % goes down, it gets harder and harder to add muscle without a caloric surplus.