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KC/Midwest T-Cell

Look out this T-Nation thing is like wild-fire and I’m sitting in Kansas City with a pocket full of matches. Let me know who’s out there from the area.


Sorry I couldn’t post sooner, but I had posting problems.

I live in Lincoln NE myself. I could get to a KC meeting every once in a while, though if people were to meet in Omaha once in a while, it would be easier for me. I know that there are at least a couple people from Omaha that have posted here.

Plus last I heard Cy Wilson lives in Omaha. A great addition to a Midwest (non-Chicago) T-cell.

Anyone else?

I am in Omaha, NE.

Well, this is my first T-forum post ever. I’m a KC (Olathe) native. I’m at K-State right now, but summers I’m home. I’d like to see something get started in KC, b/c it’s just plain hard to lift alone and maintain enthusiasm of any sort. New to the sport though. Serious, but new (1 year) :). Currently, I’d be up for meetings/etc held during the summer.