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KB weights for circuits..??

Wondering what weight do people use with Coach Davies KB swing circuits at the beginning of his workouts. I currently use 25lb. DB for 2hand swings, 10lb. DB for 1hand swings, and 25lb. DB for the snatch-clean-bentpress. I don’t have access to KB. But what weight do others use???

I started with a 25lb dumbell and do them with a 30-35 lb dumbell now.

I’ve been using a 45 pound DB for swings - am I crazy? I do the man of steel style circuit warmup - swings, squat-pull, iron cross, drop snatch(sometimes) 12 reps each for 2-3 sets depending how warm I am when I get to the gym.
So, am I crazy?

Adam Marshall

I use 35’s for the 1 & 2 hand swings and the snatches.

Wow, 35’s for the 1hand swing that’s pretty tough going for 25 reps which is my protocol on each arm.

Swings, clean & snatch 25lb, bent press 35.

Just focus on getting good bend (hips/knees) and speed of hips moving through as it will prepare you for the balance of the training session. In faith, Coach Davies