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KB OH Extension for Triceps: Bad Elbows Are Not Screaming

Hello everyone,

It just so happens that the last 3 days, I’ve been able to hammer my triceps daily with kettlebell overhead extensions without the usual screaming elbows. They scream if I lift the KB in a straight line, but a neutral grip and making the heavy part of the KB draw an arc (it’s important) makes the movement almost painless for my elbows, as if it shifted the tension away…

I just thought I would share this, maybe other injured lifters might try and find it ok for them too? Or maybe you have some other tips for triceps isolation? It’s been years since I could do any type of triceps extension without a sharp pain so I’m quite happy right now =).


Maybe this was why? Better to gradual up workload else tendinitis

You’re right about this of course, better be gradual.
The initial situation is that I avoided extension (particularly OH extensions) like the plague for years because as soon as I start doing them: elbows are screaming.

I tried this move out of “mind-muscle connection experiment” and got excited, as there was no pain. So I thought : might as well hammer them for a few days to see if any pain shows up, and it wasn’t the case.

Edit: normal OH extensions still hurt, so I was more talking about working around pain / an injury