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Kayne West - Sore Loser



This guy just keeps demonstrating what a piece of shit he is.


like school on Saturday: no class.


Give a black man a chance mann!


its good that someone still speaks there mind, its obvious he puts alot of effort and soul into everything he does, he believes that its the best cause he always puts his best effort in


I still take the stand that just because somebody is in the public view for being a performer(of ANY kind) it does not give them the right to use that attention to speak their views on politics or religion, if I want to hear about political or religious views I'll watch or listen to that programming.



I don't know if anyone else saw the interview with Jack White a few years back.

He was asked his view about something political (by MTV obviously) and replied by saying: "I write songs about girls. That doesn't qualify me to be an authority on politics. People should look to politicians, not entertainers."

Well, something along those lines.

Don't you just love how MTV uses their entertainers as pawns to push their political agenda?


Poor guy really has it rough in life



its good that someone still speaks there mind on a platform besides the internet,.....


jeez get over it Kanye


Now I know he really is the son of a Black Panther..haha. He's passionate about his music(something most artists are really not). His points always have some truth to them,..its just how he delivers them is the problem.


At the same time complaining of losing to the BEP, who have a black member...


Kanye West sounds like a little girl that had her dolly taken away.


Are you kidding me? What is obvious is that the guy is a fucking piece of garbage, he's whiney, spoiled, a racist, and his music sucks shit too.


So then you agree that the white man is out to get the black man???


I love the caption on the video: "Kanye West is the reason George Bush hates black people."



I honestly expected better of Michael Eric Dyson than to fawn over a temper-tantrum thrower like this...but I was wrong.


Was something lost in translation? My point is that he is very passionate and sometimes harsh in "standing up" for what he believes in. The message may(or may not) be valid..but the delivering of that message can be too militant...similiar to Black Panthers of old...which his father was a member of. Thats it...ok?


lol It's real funny that a site called T-Nation is so scared of T. He got mad because he thought he should have won, so what?

Maybe if some of you guys cared about what you did that much you would win too. LT gets mad when he loses in the playoffs last year and everybody cries the same thing why's he mad?

It might amaze you guys that some people actually give a f' about something.

And anybody calling him a racist really needs to analyze your own racial views.


We all know Kanye has a massive ego and is very self conscious. He says so himself! I don' care tho. He can cry and wine all he wants because who else is putting out better music then him right now? All of his albums have been innovative, well written, and well produced.


We all know Kanye has a huge ego, and is very self conscious. He says so himself! He can cry, and wine all he wants but the fact is, he keeps on putting out quality music and no one is even close to the level he's at right now. His three albums are all classics. His music is inspirational, well written and well produced.