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Kayak Rows


Guys, I see this exercise mentioned over and over and can not find how to perform them? I can not pull up video here at work, so I need a description, Thanks


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4

Do same for the other side and then repeat for reps


Thank you, got it


Try to really "dig into" your lat and cramp it. Once you get a feel for it (trust me, you will know when that happens!) it's an amazing movement.



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I seen a woman just doing the straight arm pull down portion and wanted to show her the rowing. I was to nervous to show her lol.


Here are some videos (well, at least for those who can view them, sorry ATLRGC):


Hahaha, first I've heard of these.

Loooks fun :slight_smile:


I tried these after seeing the vids.

My first impression is that you really need to feel out your lat and have the "mind connection" to activate it.

I felt it mostly in the rear delts at first (the side portions, not the front pull down portion). Took a few times (and lighter weight) to make sure I could 'feel out' the movement.

Once you make that connection, it's pretty incredible. That was the only thing I changed for that particular back day and I felt it in my lats the next day like I haven't in awhile.

Again, wasn't with a lot of weight at first.


Is it possible to keep a lat spread during the side motions?

And jus release for the middle pulldown


Possibly a dumb question but why do Thibs & his "trainees" use the EZ style bar?

I don't think my gym has an EZ cable attachment (will check tomorrow)...has anybody tried it with a straight bar attachment or another bar attachment?



Doesn't work quite as well with a straight bar from what I've noticed


+1 though I imagine it's just slightly less ideal & we'll still get a good contracetion when we're used to the exercise?

Ima try these next time I'm in the non-garage gym. Spose it comes down to how it feels for you personally regardless of attachment..


Tried them today.

I think my mistake was doing them right after several sets of weighted chins. Even though my arms were perfectly straight, my biceps gave out before my back did.

I can see how they'd be effective, and will try them again in another workout...


Try them as the first exercise in the workout.


Love this exercise...new staple in my program.


Started doing these too, definitely feeling it all over the lats. Great exercise.