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Kauai December 05


We visited Kauai last week as a Christmas present to ourselves (we needed the break with our crazy work schedules!) Because it was during the week, it was especially nice, because there were few people visiting. We lounged around the pool and there were only one or two other guests that we ever ran into. The island is lush, tropical and gorgeous- what Hawaii should be (Oahu is like a busy, crowded mainland city, in all honesty)

Anyway, here are some photos of the island...This first one is of our condo pool...we stayed on Coconut Beach.


damn....what I would give to be in Hawaii right now......

20 degrees and snow, I love it....


Opaekaa Falls, which empties into the Wailua River. "Opae" means shrimp, and it's said to have a ton of shrimps in the falls and the pool below it.


The Wailua River. Originates from Mount Waialeale, the wettest spot in the world, then empties into the ocean. It's fed by many beautiful waterfalls along the way.


The view from the Waimea Canyon Drive, up the mountain, at 1500 feet. In the horizon, the neighboring island of Ni'ihau, and in the foreground the city of Kekaha.


The Waimea Canyon, a sort of mini version of the Grand Canyon, only beautifully tropical. Iced cold Pineapple, sweet as can be, and coconut were sold at the entrance to the lookout.


View of the Kauai sunset from our condo back lanai...


The hawaiian sunrise, viewed while standing on the beach....


I hope these photos help to keep you warm!!!


To the left of the Wailua River in this photo is where the movie Jurassic Park was filmed...


Is that all, that's shorts weather! Up here -12C or 10 fahrenheit.



Ahhh....I miss Hawaii. I could live there if I could find a freakin' job that paid worth a shit! :wink:

Maui is beautiful and some of the other islands are even more beautiful. Nice pics.


Even warmer if you were in a few of the pictures :wink:

Absolutely breathtaking pictures by the way, must have been fantastic to be there, although not sure how you go on vacation when you basically live in a vacation destination. Some girls have all the luck.



My that's cold! I have never ever seen snow, BTW! Just call me a pineapplehead!!


That's what it is here today in Colorado. Our high was 10.


That sunset pic is absolutely surreal, would love to be sippin' a corona out there. I am currently thinking about taking my girl there this spring. What kind of rate did you get on the condo, if you dont mind me asking.


Hey Nate!!

Have you found that job yet? You know Hawaii has little unemployment...we have a huge shortage of many kinds of workers... And there are jobs here where you can wear a swimsuit all day!!


Thank you!


Is it true that your lips freeze together when it's that cold? (Seriously....my mainland friends refuse to answer that one seriously)


Go to hawaiianair.com, they have the best rates on airfares, hotels and cars.