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Katzenburgler's 1st Log

Hi all,

After viewing and reading a whole bunch of logs I have decided to get my own going.

My objectives for the log is to surround myself with like minded, positive people that can assist me along the way and provide critical feedback.

I have a background in lacrosse and recently moved to weight training to chase the dream of having a physique ala Frank Zane.

My current diet & training regime follows work produced by J.Meadows and A.Vaillant that I have tweaked a little for my own body.

Current supplemets: MAG-10, Cyclic Dextrin, NO booster, Elitepro Mineral Support and GPC shot

I will be updating this log after each workout on a daily basis :slight_smile:

Looking forward to sharing my progress with you all!

Todays workout was chest and shoulders

I am about 8 weeks into the program and still going strong

Cable X Overs; 2x 12 low angle, 2x 12 normal angle, 3x 12 high angle @ 2.5 plates with 30 second rest
Hammer Strength Pin load Machine press: 6 plates x 12 reps, 7 plates x 10 reps, 7.5 plates x 8 reps, 9 plates x 6 reps with double drop
Decline bench: 3x 15 @ 75kgs
Fly: 3x 20 @ 12.5kgs

Side cable lateral: 5x12 with break between arms @ 2plates
Rack scrape: 3x 12 at 30kgs
Rear pec dec: 5x12 4plates with 30 second rest

All in all a decent workout with all my meals falling into place

20grams protein, 1cup oats, 1 tbsp peanut butter

Meal 2
60z lean grass fed beef, 1 Cup rice

Meal 3
6oz lean grass fed feed, 1 cup rice

Pre workout
20grams protein, 1 cup oats, nuts

25grams protein, 60grams CHO, 10g creatine, 5gram BCAA

6oz fish, white rice & 1 tbsp honey

Pre bed
20g protein/ 5-10grams of BCAA

Back workout

One arm machine row 4x12 with 30 second rest 5plates

Triangle grip pull down 4x8 with 2second contraction @4plates

Barbell row: 1x15 underhand close grip, 1x15 underhand wide grip, 1x15overhand close grip, 1x15 overhand wide grip @40kgs

Rack pull 3x6 @ 160kgs

Ab work

Diet was the same today, the GPC shot certainly kicked in hard and the Mag10 allowed for very quick recovery, I will be posting weekly progress pics

Diet today was the same

Long day so decided to hit legs

Week 9 of my program

Leg extension 5x15 super set with lying leg curl 5x15 with 60 second rest @ 4plates each machine

Leg press 4x10 close stance 160kgs

Smith machine split squat 3x12 @ 60kgs

One leg curl 3x10 @2 plates my legs started to cramp up at this stage!

Arm workout week 9

One arm machine curls 4x15 with tight squeze at top 3plates

Barbell curl with fat gripz 4x10 @ 25kgs

Crucifix curl 4x15 @ 2 plates

One arm rope extension 4x12 @ 4 plates

Skull crusher 4 x 12 @ 25kgs

V bar pushdown 4x12 6plates

Forearm work

Diet remained the same, update picture to come tomorrow