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Kat's meow?

So…what’s up with Red Kat?

I did a search on the T-forums, and was very disappointed. No one was raving about it’s effectiveness. In fact, most everyone was just asking the same sort of questions I am…does it work? Is it meant to be a replacement for Tribex?

Problem is, there weren’t any real answers to the questions.

One last time…anyone using it? Did you notice any results? Or is this stuff just too expensive for most of us to “give a try?”

I’d like to know, 'cause if it does work, I’ll find the ca$h to get it on the 2-for-2 sale (hint, hint T-mag).

LJ, it’s just a new product. New products are usually brought to market with a world-class article, outlining the science behind said product. Not this time. Maybe TC & Chris have been burning their Christmas candles at both ends. We do ask a lot of those guys, you know.

I had been using Mag-10 on its own up until a few weeks ago. Although i liked the results, I saw much better results when I took it w/2 caps of Red Kat daily.

Hrmmm, I just got through with a bottle of it and I love it. I didn’t gain 20lbs. of mass or anything, but I could defenitely feel the aggression levels shooting up. Other thoughts are that it’s a bit pricey for somehing that won’t help you gain as much weight as something like mag10, and there is always Tribex which works great. But RedKat is a fun supp to try. Actually spending all day wanting to do nothing but freak on a girl and fight and realizing it all comes from a few tiny red caps you took in the morning is kinda cool.

My suggestion would be to pick up a bottle or two and try it at least once for 2-3 weeks. Use it same way you would Tribex, but not at the same time.

Well I just started my first bottle after 2wks on Mag-10 and I’m gonna take it on through my next two weeks on Mag-10 so in a month I can give ya feedback on/off mag10 cycles

Thanks to all for the responses…I just hate the idea of spending that much cash on an unproven thing. Nothing beats real-world testimony!

So of course, I’ll give it a try.

Little Jay–What beats real world testimony is double blind clinical studies on the active ingredients in Red Kat of which there are several.
It’s true that there has been very little hype with Red Kat but hopefully we’ll see more feedback as time goes on.


Sorry for the lack of info!

Tribex jacks up T by stimulating the pituitary while Red Kat works directly on the testicles. Same results, different modes of action.

Both can be used together for added effect.

BTW, some of us have nicknamed Red Kat “money shot.”

LittleJay, you may not realize it, but Atomic Dog is the one and only TC. You are blessed with an answer from on-high!!!

I’m curious if Red Kat is better than Tribex and M for between Mag 10 cycles. Anybody with any thoughts on this?