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Katrina Work Out


Last year about this time of summer I started my Ivan workout. Now it's time for the Katrina version(chain saw and log drag, limb pulls and tree climbs)
O well,such is life in Mobile,AL.
When I retire I am moving to the desert south west.



Wow, that sounds like my new workout. In fact I see everyone in my neihborhood doing the same workout. I'm glad to see so many taking an interest in fitness.


Probably quite a bit of sandbag lifting and swimming too.


I hope your not in N.O.
Mobile is a mess but not as bad as La. or Miss.
Not much flooding in where I live ,it's pretty far from the water.


I'm about 60 miles east of New Orleans. Not nearly as bad as N.O. No flooding here. Just a lot of tree debris and some housing damage. Our area faired considerably well. We have widespread power outages, but that's being fixed as we speak. I hope my gym gets power back soon. I'm jonesing to train. I haven't yet this week and don't know when I'm going to.

My problems are so big,huh?


We have power at work and internet but not at the house yet. The news out of N.O sounds like a third world country.
Stay safe.


Glad to see you guys are safe. My thoughts and prayers are with your community...along with some donated food and money. God bless...


Thank you and all others that donate. Everyone affected is very appreciative of any help. This storm has forever changed the lives in it's path. I have never witnessed anything of this magnitude.


Thanks to all that help out.I lived in pascagoula Ms. for 12 years . It's hard to beleve the damage there.Also with many visits to New Oleans I can't
even comprehend the mess there.My daughter and son-in-law moved from there last Feb.Thank GOD


My company has deployed 5 medivac helicopters from various states to N.O. to start helping airlift out the hurt to outlying hospitals.

We will have these 5 helicopters there until not needed. People from my company are volunteering to go down to support them.

Air Evac Lifeteam.


God bless all of yall. You guys are real heroes.


Thanks. We just sent three more aircraft that are going to base out of Jackson, Mississippi to help with the Mississippi coastal area also.

Our Louisiana team will be flying out of Lafeyette, LA.