Katrina Area Needs

I live in Mobile Al. and we had a lot of damage from Katrina but lower Mississippi had awsome damage. The press and Gov. is focused in Louisiana but many small towns in Ms are not getting much help. You hear of Gulfport and Biloxi. What you do not hear of is Waveland or Bay st.Louis and lots of other towns. My church is running a food bank and last week we boxed and sent out one million pounds of food to ares in Al. and Ms. A deputy that has taken food and personal items ( women and men also baby stuff) told me that what is needed now is tents and sleeping bags. We need your help!
If you want to send something needed e-mail or pm me and I will get you in touch with the proper agency.
If you give to a food drive make sure that the food is a normal size amount not a 5 pound can of whatever. The boxes of food are 35-40 pounds a piece also no glass bottles or jars.
A good web site for Ms. pics is from a local tv station (www.wlox.com)

Brucce Hall

Someone gave Low-Carb Grow! but it was too big to give out.