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Kate Upton is Well Marbled



From what I gathered, essentially a pro-skinny site that thinks Kate Upton is fat.



Shes fat as fuck but I'll take one for the team.


There's already a thread about her.



Wrong hair color

Doesn't appear middle eastern either

I will pass


can we take two?


She is beautiful, not fat but, she has a horrible shape. No hips or ass so it makes here midsection look wide/weird.


basically the argument is that she's fuckin hot, so we're gonna put her down by saying she's not fashionable or whatever the fuck.

That blog's writer is jealous.





This is a joke right?


That's what I've gathered from what I've seen. Very..Sponge Bob-ish figure...but with pretty face and nice tit-tays.


This is well marbled. Kate is formless.


I reckon she's fucking gorgeous.


We can be eskimo bros.


X2 to both comments...this is fat? no she just has a square body, but Im not tossing her outta bed for eating crackers.


eskimo brothers! virtual high five


She's not fat, obviously. That's also probably one picture in 1,000,000 that presented just the right angle to make her look like she has fat rolls.

That said, she looks like someone who will get really fat when she's old.


Not my cup of tea.


Would smash until forever.



Picture didn't go through, check the link...