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Kate Beckinsale: OOOooo...!!!

Okay…my Honey made me Rent a MAJOR chick-flick last night; “Serendipity”. I was kickin’ and screamin’ and could barely get out the ole’ Blockbuster Card (Jet Li was calling my name!)…but I did it, because she’s my sweetie. Anyway…

Really NOT a bad movie! Fanciful…but I enjoyed it, ESPECIALLY that Kate Beckinsale! She’s a hottie that I haven’t heard a lot about. Do you guys know much more about her?

Although I am a devout John Cusack fan, I refuse to see “Serendipity”. My hats off to you, Mufasa! I would prefer to watch Say Anything or Gross Pointe Blank (which we have). Quintessential Cusack. So is “Better Off Dead”. But, again, you are truly a brave man to tread waters where I don’t dare to tread. Oh and if Jet Li was calling your name, have you seen “Iron Monkey” yet? No Jet, however I hear it’s very good (martial arts action). We’re checking it out this week!!! WOO HOO

Kate Beckinsale? The nurse chick from Perl Harbour? If that’s her, I’d do her with a limp dick if I had to. She is as hot as they come!

Iron Monkey is a cool flick. The action in it is kinda similar to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Lots of wire work and high jumps. Very cool stuff.

And I don't know about you but I am getting to the point of fidgeting over waiting for Spiderman. It just looks soooo quality.

Dude: YOU KNOW IT!!! don’t mean to hijack this thread, too BUT I cannot wait for Spider-Man!!! So, I’m trying to get my “fix” by watching other stuff until then - oh, and I’m working on some Spiderman artwork, too…oh, May 3rd, I will be SO happy…:wink:

I feel you man. Every time the wife wants to rent one of those “chick flick” movies I can feel my T levels dropping. I try to get the ones that have some hot women, which makes it all better. The idea that the movie might have some nudity keeps me watching.

Man, I could totally make fun of you for being pussywhipped, but you can get back at me by saying you’re always getting some and I’m not. Damn!!! Oh, and if you like Better Off Dead, you’ll like One Crazy Summer. It has John Cusack and it was written and directed by the same dude who did Better Off Dead and cartoon Eek the Cat.

Thought you might want to know this:

Underworld: The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Kate Beckinsale will star in this "Romeo and Juliet"-esque love story between a vampire and a werewolf - sworn enemies who become lovers.

Patricia ;-)