Anybody around here every eat that hippie Kashi cereal? I’ve been munching on it lately, and it’s pretty damn good. Between it’s high fiber content (8g) and its claims regarding its lack of processing, I’d suspect it’d be a pretty good carb choice, though I can’t find any GI listings on it.

Any reason not to like it?

Also, I do mean the plain stuff, with the pictures of people of various cultures, ages, sexes, etc. smiling on it, not the GoLean line of soy-encumbered products.

I eat this stuff along with Uncle Sam when I’m bulking.

Vain here.
yeah, I advocated Kashi way back on the old forum…just make sure its only the puffed Kashi kind…the other kashi products contain both soy and granola…which are not good for your physique…on the contrary, puffed kashi couldn’t be a better food for carb sources

Really? I was avoiding the puffed version as well as the soy-enhanced versions. It seemed like the higher fiber content would make it a more desirable choice?

It’s a pretty good carb source, I must say. My only problem is that it’s pitifully low in micronutrients, but that can be made up for in other meals.