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Kashi Protein


Does anyone know how the protein in Kashi cereals (such as GO LEAN) compares to the proteins found in chicken and such for muscle recovery? I'm pretty sure it's some kind of soy protein. I have a lot of protein in my diet without go lean and supplements, but I'm just curious if I should be eating more go lean (if it's as helpful as the protein in meats).

Any of you nutrition junkies out there know the answer? ;p



I eat kashi organic when I'm bulking and I think it's a great source of protein.I mix it with my daily protein intake(shakes,chicken,beef,peanut butter,milk,eggs).


I would look at the ingredients list and see if any of the protein source is soy. Most "hi-protein" organic cereals use soy. I'm not sure about Kashi. I eat its TLC crackers a lot and one of the reasons why is because they don't use any soy to make those.


Kashi uses soy protein.


yep 10 grams of those 13 grams of protein are soy...

which leads me thinking what is the other three?


Soy is an ok protein but the bio-value isn't close to whey or egg. The best protein mix in my opinion is a combo of whey (isolate or concentrate), egg, casein, milk and soy. I mix cottage cheese, a scoop or 2 of whey, a scoop of soy, throw is 5-6 liquid egg whites and add some milk, mix it with a spoon into a paste and your set. That way you get slow/fast releasing and a wide variety. Proven to be more effective than any 1 source. Just a thought.



I know there's a whey protein-based cereal, but I can't remember it.

I haven't eaten any cereal besides All-Bran or Uncle Sam's in like, three years.

Dan "King Sized Dump" McVicker


Who is this?!


go lean bars will make you shit floating logs


To make it simple and answer the question asked.

NO. It is not as good, near as complete, or IMO safe even. That last point of course being up to speculation. I just personally dont eat it and if I did wouldnt count it as good protein intake and NOT make and effort to consume more of it.

Hope that helps,


Alright thanks guys, figured as much.

And Windmill... haha ;p .



Total makes a "high" protein cereal but it tastes like crap.


funny stuff. even if you throw out the "scoop of soy," you still get to eat the raw eggy paste.


Soy is not a good protein source as it is not safe.


animal protein is the best protein bar none....

i would choose animal proteins over any other source