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Kashi Pizza = Pass.

Anyone else like to eat these frozen pizza’s by Kashi?


They are fairly calorie dense and have tons of all the stuff one needs to gain some mass. If you haven’t tried one check out the Mediterranean flavor. Good stuff.

Looks delicious. A low carb one would be amazing.

I misinterpreted your title and was curious why you didn’t like them. I haven’t tried these, but their frozen dinners are decent.

If you are going to eat pizza, eat a fucking pizza. I don’t think I can really call that a great food choice anyway, you might as well get the good stuff.

Looks like a food science experiment to me from the ingredient list

Bah. I prefer it over any of the bullshit delivery pizzas. It tastes like it was fired in a stone brick oven.

Great for a bulking diet, in my opinion.

[quote]msd0060 wrote:
Looks delicious. A low carb one would be amazing.[/quote]

Scroll to the bottom and try one of these.


…or make your own pizza including the dough. I tried it once using some wholemeal spelt flour (in the dough) tasted amazing. You can also put whatever you want on it :smiley:

Making pizza is very easy, why not make your own?

Thanks for the info. I’ll try one if I can find it.