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Karl Rove

Any forumites read about Bush’s senior advisor, so far this article http://www.ronsuskind.com/writing/esquire/esq_rove_0103.html and Al Franken’s new book are the only information I’ve found on the guy. If there’s any truth to these claims, the implications are rather disconcerting.

Interesting article on behind the scenes stuff. I really wish that McCain would have been the GOP candidate in 2000. I think he was a far better candidate than Bush.

As an interesting side note, Karl Rove’s grandfather was a Nazi who helped build the Birchenau concentration camp.

If Lee Atwater was still alive the United States would have a one party system. Karl Rove is good, but Atwater was a god.


Al Franken’s latest book devotes some space to explaining who Karl Rove is and what his background is as well. Just sinister…

Al Franken is a wise political pundit…oh wait, nope, he’s a dumb unfunny comedian.