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Karl Marx 2016



What? We needed more proof Americans are dumb? Or is it just Californians?


Is this proof that many americans believe that necromancy is real?


What makes you think americans even know the word "necromancy''.
"Necromancy"...Is that a new Rapper?


It is proof that Americans will agree to sign all kinds of stupid shit without reading it, or thinking about it too much.


Well what do you expect our representatives do it too.


is that like twerking?


Glad somebody got the allusion.




That doesnt even make sense.


Sadly somehow it did for thousands of people


I don't sign a fucking thing (outside of checks I'm cashing) without my lawyer being present. Quadruple pitiful that those douche mongers have no clue who Karl Marx was....



Keep your government hands off my medicare!


reminds me of this

Schiff, like most windbags, goes off the rails now and again, but he is a decent mind.


Oh you just can't expect a whole lot when clicking on PWI. I use to, but don't now. Now instead of being disappointed 95% of the time, I'm instead pleasantly surprised 5% of the time. My neck does tend to get sore if I spend too much time here though :slightly_smiling:




That would be if it were Malcolm X, not Karl Marx.




most people they are asking probably never heard of Marx, if you consider that point , it is not as funny .


What's that say about of education system...