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Karen O is Hawt.




no she's not. and the song sucks.


Song is awesome, and yes she's hot. Makes me think you have shitty taste.


It looks like my other post wont show up dammit, anyways, dude, she has a cute face and she is all legs what's not to like? Did you catch the ghey or something?


Normally I wouldn't fault someone in their taste in women, but Karen O looks like a ten year old boy.


If you ever played with LEGO as a kid (the town series) you`d know that most of the LEGO men they provide you with hold wholesome jobs like "Baker", "Traffic Police", "Teacher" and "Soccer Player". If they were ever to make a more urban LEGO series, they might use the following as a model for "drug-addled crack whore lying in fetal position in alley"


i wouldnt touch that with a 50 foot pole with someone else's dick


There isnt a good looking person in that band. This thread is bad and you should feel bad.




One 'ugh' wasn't enough.


Not hot.


Naw the lipstick makes her look like a 14 year old gay guy...


OK you guys ripped me a new one. I've never seen such horrible pics of her before, mostly seen her in videos. Man you guys suck. Gave me some good laughs though.


The Internet: Helping people with self-esteem problems by killing their dreams and encouraging them to die since 1990


Well....she's no Janet Reno


Does that mean you'd hit it?


Do you forgive me?


Hit it? Sure, why not? Hell, I married and perpetuated the species with worse.


LOL. Cool beans. I think. I'd probably hit just about anything (apparently) but marriage and procreation is a different story.


Hindsight is 20/20