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Im thinking about teaching myself karate. I wonder if anyone can give me some info on which style to choose. I dont wnna hurt people or anything i jus think its a realy good way to get mentally disciplined. Im thinking about jujitsu. If anyone knows any websites where you can teach yourself any form, id appreciate it.


If all you are looking for is discipline, go into meditation or yoga. The martial arts cannot be taught effecively from a book, or especially a website. Jiu-Jutsu would be impossible to learn without a training partner as it is a grappling art. Try searching for training DVD’s if you really want to learn on your own. At least you could see it in motion.

Try to find a good school in your area. The art is not the important thing.


Remember that it’s not the martial art, but the martial artist. Check out what schools are in your area and try to find one that suits your personality.

The book thing really is not a good idea. you’ll definitely want to find a good school if your serious about making the martial arts a part of your life.

Good luck!

You can’t teach yourself karate, just like you can’t teach yourself wrestling. And that goes double for an art like jujitsu, judo, or aikido, for example which are more partner-oriented than karate.

What you can do on your own is practice striking something like a makewara or hanging bag or whatever, and train your flexibility and strength.

Trust me on this, you will absolutely need someone who knows something about martial arts to show you all the stuff that goes on “behind the scenes”, so to speak, that you can’t see in pictures or read on a page.

Besides, it’s more fun with other people. There’s a good reason right there to find a decent school somewhere.

Good luck.