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Friday night is coming up! Ok, we park at the Holiday Inn and then get a cab over the bridge to do what we've wanted to do all along...make fun of the Jersey Shore's top scum at Sleazeside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17,000 songs sounds great; we can only do one at a time and must plan our list accordingly just in case we get kicked out. Do we begin with All Cried Out? Or do we follow our original plan - 1. Don't You Want Me 2. Shadows of the Night 3. All Cried Out 4. Humpty Dance followed by actually drinking up all the Hennessey they got on they shelf...

Telly - I challenge you to a sausage and peppers contest at Midway. Three shots of Cuervo before our fist one.



Here is the list of the 17,000 songs just in case anyone would like to give some input.


What? This sounds great but I'm lost.


Maybe three shots of cuervo isn't going to do enough to get us going. Eight fingers should do it.


So here I am making my triumphant return. I, Mr. Feces, am back and have plenty on my mind.

First of all Flex, I am glad to see you are excited about singing, but you failed to mention the Sleazeside challenge of drinking 1 shot from every bar starting at Sawmill and ending at the white trash bar at the end. Also at the end of the boardwalk is that delicious and naughty bathhouse where we can shower up, play a nice game of grab ass, and whip towels at each other before we head out to The Pub for a night of singing. Our order must be:

  1. Don't You Want Me (I was working as a waitress at a COCKtail bar, when I met you)
  2. Shadows of the Night.
  3. All Cried Out
  4. And, if we do not get banned after out beautiful duet, The Humpty Dance.

Let me know what you think. This is Mr. Feces saying,"Zip it up and zip it out!!!"

Tootles all you boy lovers.

Mr. Feces


Mr. Feces,
Your return sent chills down my spine and gave me an intense desire to have a nice warm loaf placed on my chest. I may have lacked emotion regarding our boardwalk festivities, so let me explain. Karaoke begins at 9:30 and we should plan accordingly. This gives us plenty of time to hit the boards and piss off a couple dozen not-so-innocent scum.

I like the idea of a shot at every bar; however, I would like to return to Spicy at the end for round two and a "vicotry" Coors Light. Actually, since you chose to keep the original name, I would like to have an ice cold Original Coors.



I have not seen Chizzo lately. When will he start to post??? Also, should I forward this string to Telly because you offered a challenge. Telly will not be able to meet up with us on Friday until about 10:03 PM so if you want to have the eat off we probably will not be able to sing. Please let me know.

Time to sit on the throne.


The Fabulous Mr. Feces


When the Fabulous Mr. Feces speaks, I listen. The eat off may need to be rescheduled as it may take away from our drinking. Not only will it require more time, but I'd hate for the food to act as a barrier between the alcohol and my liver.

I have a feeling that Chizzo is going to pop up on this board at any given moment. His track record proves that he finds a way to let us know that he's been listening the entire time. I was looking for a MidWay picture but couldn't find one. I am very satisfied that you were able to get it.

Speaking of sitting on the throne Lord Feces, I am typing this as I run back and forth between plops on my own potty. Please inform Telly of the posts, and I will even wait til 10:07 PM to see him. It's worth it.


You guys aksed for it and here i am it is chizzo in the house aka big pappa stink aka to catch a predator #1. I think you guys are all talk I dont think that we are going to do all of the thing you speak off cause after i take one of the bike cops in seaside and throw him his bike in oder to get some jail bait to sit on the handdle bars i might be busy for the rest of the night


Chizzo, who has a later curfew - Mr. Feces or that 14-year old on your handle bars wearing Carley blue?


I have one question...WHEN ARE WE GETTING STARTED TOMORROW??? I would like to start very early because I really need to get drunk and feel the warmth of older men for a change.

Flex, I can't believe that all these prople are viewing our Karaoke sting. When will they have the sack to say something?


By the way, if you truly would like to be fecal disciples, may I recommend that you eat The Baconator from Wendy's. Very delicious and feels great going out. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


Is this a time that works for all?


Hello to everyone. I am having identity issues. I have decided that I am "Adorable" and have taken the new identity accordingly.



You are indeed delicious. I am star struck in your awe. Please watch this clip below. I love you.


At any given moment, I will rotate between avatars as quickly as I rotate other things that I do not speak of like glory holes at Risdens Bath Houses. Here is one of my Fall 2007 Collection for you previewing enjoyment. Note to viewers - when masturbating point genitles away from laptop screens as the semen does not clean as easily as it does off of school bus windows. Fellatio is best given by someone who is not tall enough to ride the Buccaneer alone at Sex Fags Great Assventure.


If anyone wants to discuss fea-cease, might I remind them of a little stunt I pulled in the back of a dodge avenger and later smeared on the porch of a trailer.



That was a great stunt indeed. I also remember Mr. Adonis feeding me canned ravioli from behind, and then he defiled my can from behind. I must say, I never knew what a turn of the smell of fresh warm feces, the taste Chef Boyardee ravioli, and the sound of 13 pounds of feces in a bag, flapping in the breeze can be. The was truly an orgasmic feast for all the senses. We MUST do it again.


Greetings all. I am waiting for a response from Adrian as the festivities are about to begin.


Sorry I been gone guys. Looks like ya'll been partying hard. Anyone hear about Castro?