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Kara Bohigian 225x7 Raw Bench


She's crazy strong



im not impressed by some of that. Still, shes a strong one.


wtf the bar moves about 6 inches


Guys I'm not a pl'er so dont' rip me but that arch she has looks ridiculous. I've seen alot of pro pl'ers bench and they have some arch but that's look silly. I think I could bench 100 lbs more if I set up like that, but I'd probably injure myself so I suppose that's the whole trick. Am I just sounding retarded here or does anyone agree?


range of motion much?


Wide, no, you siad in the first line that youre not a PLer, so i think this is perfectly reasonable. The rules vary by fed, but most say somehting along the lines of "the your upperback and you butt must remain in contact with the bench." Hers do. You answered your own question tho, most guys dont have the FLEXIBILITY to get an arch like that.

Wideguy had a legit question, but other than him, the responses on this thread are so aggravating. You're not impressed by some of this? What friggin parts? How many chicks do you know who could bench 225 once, let alone 7 times, raw.

And she moves the bar 6 inches? This is the same crap a guy at work pulled when I was watching a vid of nick wolfe bench 900 "Oh, well look his belly gets in the way, he doesnt move it that far." I responded, how about we put 900 lbs on a bar and I hand it off to you, just hold it there, thats all. That shut him up. She moves it 6 inches, so friggin what, thats how far it is to her chest.

I'd be willing to bet that between a quarter and a half of the guys who post here couldnt hit 405 in a shirt, and yet heres this 140 lb chick, who still looks quite feminine (there's an understatement,) who does it, and we have nothing but negative things to say about her. Disgusting.


give her some credit, kara is awsome!!


You're fucking kidding me right? Only a quarter to half can't hit 405 in a shirt here? I bet you 90% or more here can't. I'd bet real good money on it.




And by the way, even as a PL, I do find it ridiculous (not a criticism of her - she is strong) that she can only (relatively speaking of course) manage 225 x 7 but can manage 405 in a shirt (questionable lock out but giving benefit of the doubt). The shirts, and the "sport", have become ridiculous.


Get the fuck down of your 'were powerlifters, no one understands us' high horse and just see what people outside of the sport think about it. If PL ever wants to progress beyond the farce that some of the organisations have become then this is who it needs to appeal too. If not you'll soon be wearing 5 layer space jackets with fucking leavers in them. Seems like people in the PL clique want their little baby to remain isolated and not progress. Id love to see PL in an olympics one day, but as it stands there is no chance.
Taking nothing away from kara, the feds she lifts in need sorting imo.


Guys, its powerlifting, the whole point is to make your techniques as effective as possible on order to lift the most weight.


For me, this video is pretty informative. I always wonder about the discrepency between raw lifts and shirt lifts. So it seems that with proper technique and training, one can get quite a bit out of of the shirt and the arc. Kara's raw 225x7 would put her at about 275 one rep max, so she's getting 100 plus pounds with the shirt. Now I have no doubt that some one like Gene Rychlak can get 250 plus or perhaps even 300 out of the shirt with proper technique.


I do PL and I am, and always will be critical of the numbers people can hit with the arches and gear. I competed in the WPO BB4C Semi's to years ago, and watched Markus Schick move the bar say 3 inches and hit a 600+ bench at 165lbs. Too bad they cannot incorporate some formula to adjust for stroke distance.


I liked the Outcast song.

At the intro for the vid they mention she did a set in "NFL Style", is that a specific techinque or is it some inside joke?


Haha, BG, I guess I was being generous on the 25-50% thing, you could be right - you probably are!!

And of course I understand your point on the whole 225x7 raw vs 405 in a shirt, but with that being said, I'm not sure what number of reps on 225 a 405lb shirted bench "should" equal.

But we've already done the whole "shirt vs raw" debate, and I for one am glad to see that you and I are united in our disadain for the abilities of the average poster here, :slight_smile:


Off my high horse? you are truly retarded. What the hell do I care what others outside of the sport think of it? and you say "If PL ever wants to progress ... then this is who it needs to appeal too." Who does it need to appeal to? To hom are you referring? Jeez, check your posts over before you submit them, will you.

And I doubt PL will EVER be in the olympics, they are taking sports OUT, if you hadnt noticed - softball, baseball, etc. I still dont understand how the hell the olympic games became the great arbiter on what is a respectable sport. The very idea of it is a joke - and thats coming from someone who enjoys watching the olympics.

I dont even know why you bothered posting this - you give props to kara, and say the problem is with the feds. I didnt mention gear in my initial post at all, and that seems to be the primary reason for your hissy fit.


I hate trying to guess what someones carryover is, but if I had a gun to my head, I'd say he's getting AT LEAST 250 outta that shirt - probably over 300


Powerlifting is all about maximizing your potential to hit bigger numbers. If someone has a natural advantage over me because they have shorter arms, so be it. How is that their fault? If I played basketball, I wouldn't complain because the other guys were taller and could dunk on me. Maybe we can limit that by adding weights to their ankles to even the playing field. This is competition, folks. If everyone had some formula exception to even out lifter's ability, it kinda defeats the purpose, huh?

Schick works with what he was dealt with. Let's take a guy who is 6-ft tall and a guys who is 4-ft tall. Their arm length is going to differ proportionately to their body size, right? Hence, also their bench stroke will be proportionately matched. A 6-in stroke to Schick is just as "long" as a 9-10-in stroke is to the taller guy.


I disagree, but I will say that this is actually the best idea I've ever heard for accounting for arches. Most people say "well they shouldnt be allowed to arch, completely disregarding that some have a natural arch, others have naturally short limbs etc.

I dont think the feds will ever address arching (nor do I think they should) but if they ever did, yours is the best idea I've ever heard yet. They could probably even just use the old W = F*d equation too.