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Kanye West



Ah, live tv.


Once again, it is GWB's fault. You'd think that this would get old after a while or something. It would help if the potential rescuees weren't in "dog eat dog" mode right now. Stop robbing the people who are trying to help you, dammit! Shooting at rescue helicopters ain't helping much, either. I suppose that's Bush's fault, too.

Maybe this is what happens when people misunderstand what "martial law" means. It does not mean cops "shoot to kill everybody".


Kanye went a little overboard, I think.


Who the fuck is Kayne West?

I'm assuming he is the crack-head standing next to Mike Myers, but I mean who the fuck is he?


LOL I love Kanye.


That was a bit too much for me. He does make good music though.


He's pretty brilliant. He was a producer for many hiphop artists, but he was picked up and has a rapping career now. The guy does incredible things with samples and makes some really nice beats.

Critically acclaimed. I'm pretty much hooked on Diamonds right now. Very well produced...


So you are saying that he steals creative peoples' music (or pays them to use it since he can't create his own music), throws some machine drums on top of it, and makes a lot of money. He's fucking brilliant.

Remember, rap is short for crap.


Maybe you should listen to it before you pass judgement.


interestingly enough thats the definition of a music producer.... somebody who takes all the pieces of music (usually contributed by other people) and arranges it into a song....

fucking brilliant!


Yeah, what a loser he is :rolleyes:

West is a musical genious and if you can get past your fucking racist shield you'll see that he's the best thing that happened in music for a long time. He does well both as a rapper and as a producer. His albums sell in record number, he is considerd a rising star in the idustry, he has fans world wide, what do YOU have to show for?

You can consider yourself a very lucky man if you'll ever reach 1/10 of what he has.


Hey now, just because somebody thinks rap music sucks doesn't make them a racist. It just means they have an underdeveloped taste in music.

Why did I know that this thread was going to spin off like this? Okay:

Country music sucks.

There, now we have a balanced and meaningful discussion at hand. :frowning:


"Late Registration...is the most dynamic and original album of the fall - maybe even the year." -Newsweek

"Late Registration just might be this year's most eagerly anticipated album, in any genre." - NY Times

"Late Registration is an undeniable triumph" - Rolling Stone Magazine (5/5 Stars)

For this album he worked closely with Jon Brion (Fiona Apple, scored films such as "Punch-Drunk Love" and "Magnolia") who I guess in your eyes isn't a musician either.

"Live orchestrations and weird instruments are raw material for West's imagination. Give 'Ye a harpsichord and he will make it funky."

What's that? Live instruments and orchestrations? So much for not being able to create music.

I'm not a fan of Kanye West's music, and with the critical acclaim he's garnered from every outlet he doesn't need me defending him, but it's always fun to pick on people that open their mouths on subjects they have absolutely no knowledge of. At least you've shown us how much your (generally uninformed) opinions are worth.

But to stay on topic: yeah it was way over the top and uncalled for, but damn if it wasn't bold to call out the POTUS on live television like that.

Remember, BS is short for BullShit...and you're full of it.


Is that what they call African-Americans where you're from nowadays? ::shakes head in disgust::


Some of that clip was actually cut out. The five-seconds prior to that Kanye was talking about how the media has portrayed blacks regarding this situation, and he made a very valid point. I don't know if this is the proper platform for him to attack the president though, as it is a trajedy and we should be putting our efforts into helping as many as we can, rather than getting into a huge fight over politics.


Can someone put the report on here. I cannot access the link to it.

And as for him being a genious, not really. He has become successful because his music is different from the same old crap. Not a fan of rap, but I've heard his stuff and it has a message and is pretty good stuff.


I never heard of the guy. He may be decent at what he does, but that does not make him a genius.

In the immortal words of Joe Theismann "Norman Einstein was a genius."


this is actually my first post here and I almost can't believe I'm doing it in defense of Kanye West, but the guy is actually smarter than you think. Not only did he start producing music as a teenager but he also was awared a full scholarship to the college of art in I think chicago, but ended up going to college for english on another full scholarship. Of course he dropped out because from what I know, the money as a producer is slightly better than that of a proffesor. So even though he looks retarded in that clip, he's a little bit better than that.


Whether you agree or disagree with his statement, the look on Mike Myers face is worth billions.


I have nothing against the guy, never heard his music, but he doesn't appear to be very articulate.


I agree.

I don't know who Kayne West is, and after hearing his hate filled BS (which is indeed short for bullshit)I could care less. He is the racist here. Not those that hate (C)Rap.