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Kanye West - Paranoid


is a great song and an even better video


I concur. No matter how anal Kanye is as a person...he's a talented asshole.


Hey....what's wrong with being an asshole?

I try to be .4% more ass-holish every single day. It's like vitamins.


Rihanna is so fine.


Fixed that for ya...lol.

Seriously,I say "asshole" loosely(that sounded strange). Anybody that is 110% dedicated to their work and what they enjoy tend to have that "asshole" stigma attached to them at times. More so with the pride they take in their work....it means everything to them. Maybe Kanye is just a little bit crazy....but what musical genius isn't?


Good song... one of my three favorites off of 808's.



I wonder what Ct Rockula will have to say about the video...


As entertaining as it might be.....WHY? lol.


I see what you did there...LOL


rrjc, that is the coolest avatar ever.


but that makes you full on, 100% asshole in just 250 days.


Good song, I like a lot of 808.

Never seen the video though, kind of reminds me of Sin City. I think it's pretty fucking awesome.


I didn't like the song. It felt poppy and empty. I think Kanye's done better work.

I did like the video. I specifically liked how it was pretty much about Rihanna looking tragically sexy. Or rather, specifically not showing Mr. West. Good call.

Somehow, I was reminded of Thriller.


Same, made me think of Thriller.

Kanye's new CD 808's has some catchy beats, but his voice with that auto tune shit just ruins it.


I don't know if I can ever take him seriously after the Justice incident


Maybe musical genius is a little strong...