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Kanye West is a Douche


Hopefully this stays on youtube for you to see it.

Basically, Taylor Swift wins the award then asshat hops on stage with a mic to applaud Beyonce... in the middle of Taylor Swift's speech. Just read about this on another forum.

Now, back to monitoring my fantasy scores and watching the Bears/Packers game. You'd think with their first good QB in decades they'd protect him?


man, who cares. Honestly. Your still going to listen to his music if you did already. He can be a douche, get over it.

oh, and the eagles are taking it this , VICK BABY, who cares about mcnabb. So don't bother watching any other game than the eagles, because its who you'll be watching in the end.


Wow, what a douche.


with you're avatar I instantly thought of this


Wow. I thought grown-ups didn't watch MTV awards shows.

I think I grew out of that in like eighth grade.


<--- thinks Taylor Swift is hella hot.




Kanye West does not like white people.


IIRC, he pulled the same shit at a british MTV-awards gig, stepping on stage and claiming that he won, even though the academy (or what passes for it at MTV) wouldn't give it to him.

Someone needs to use their trophy to club him like a baby seal.


Pretty lame move, but is is the entertainment industry and it's all about getting attention. Grade-A Douche.


He has to be on drugs.


"George Bush hates black people" comes to mind.


He's a self-centered, no talent having fuck stick! He has to pull the shit he does
or he would disappear from the music scene.


You don't know what you're talking about. Kanye is one of the most talented rappers alive, hands down. You may not like him, but his music will stand on its own.


Yes, I like fish sticks.
I like fish dicks in my mouth!


Saying most talented rapper is like saying the best beer in my dad's fridge. I won't drink my dad's beer.


Are you being serious? He has some nice beats but his lyrics suck my balls. If popular music was what it was in the mid 90's guys like West, Lil Wayne and Soulja boy would've never gotten a record deal. That's just the Gods honest truth. The guy is terrible.


Sometimes...the methods used to achieve success...tarnish the result, no matter how
great that success is...In other words...HE SUCKS!


The video has been pulled, got another link anyone?