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Kansas T-Nats To Train With?

After 18 mo. my deployment is about over and I am looking for some Kansas T-Nationers to train with. I think Phill is from kansas but that is all that I know of. I live in Augusta so if I could find someone in Wichita looking for a training partner that would be awesome.

I have only been training for about a year but have a great work ethic and have tried to soak up as much info as I can, I worked my ass to the bone while being depoyed and have made great improvements in body composition, strength, speed, size… the wife is very happy.

Oh to be home, anyways… I am just looking for some fellow T-Nationers so maybe I can have a small support group or maybe we can go and kill each other on weekends doing some crazy shit, whatever.

Basically this site has truley changed my life and I want to keep it going and that is always easier when you have people that share the same interests with you close by. Just let me know. I can only get on the Internet once about every 3 days but feel free to pm me. Thank you.


There are a few of us here in Lawrence. Me, Rufus and some others (I don’t know their screen names). Don’t know about Wichita though…not even sure if I know anybody in Wichita (except for you, now). I’m sure somebody will turn up though–glad to hear you’re coming home…

Lenexa, via-Lawrence. Sorry brotha.