Kansas City TRT

Little background. I am 32 y/o, live near Lawrence KS, wife and couple of kids, work fulltime at the VA hospital. Anyways, I’ve worked out since high school. Over the past several years I’ve noticed a lower workout threshold, slightly less hair on my legs, some minor gynco, less arousal etc. So i went in to that Low T place in leawood and got my T checked. It was 268ng/ml. I didn’t go through with the testosterone injections there since its every 2 weeks and they only do testosterone there, no HCG. Plus, the place seemed like they would only concern themselves with testosterone and if you have any problems they will tell you to go to your primary care. So my question is: Are there any doctors located around the kansas city/Lawrence area that understand the s/s of low T and are willing to help a family man out that needs to get his testosterone up to “high normal” range???

I don’t know of any in Lawrence [where I am].

What you are looking for is typically significant out of pocket costs and no insurance.

Rockcreek Wellness rockcreekwellness.com [Dr. Mark]

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Hello Wheel

I can offer a few opinions of treatment in the KC, MO area. I’m in Lees Summit, MO and lived for 20 years in Overland Park, KS. To save you some time, and you probably know this there isn’t anything worth while in the area, I’ve tried them all.

I currently use Defy Medical in Florida they are really very good and although they only want cash they are reasonable priced. However, you can use your insurance for blood work and if you pay cash it’s pretty cheap. To test Estradiol is $30.00 and you can go to any Lab Corp.

They do ask that you order your meds through them, T-Cyp for 6 weeks is about $130.00 HCG for about 6 weeks is about $70.00.

Recently Dr. Crisler joined them and you can speak to him for $90.00 for 45 minutes although it turns out to be an hour.

Lastly, although they are in Florida they Do Not require a visit, that’s where I’ve been going for the last year and they are the best I’ve found!

Call 813 445-7342 ask for Jasen and you can tell Thomas from Lees Summit MO sent you might get a deal.

I too find this area barren of any one prescribing injectables and knowing what they’re doing. I had to make a change of Androgel 1.62 for affordability reasons and I had a change in Dr that resulted in an inability to work together on this issue. Dr (female) basically refused to treat me inspite of test results and obvious improvement on 1.62.

Anyway I got hooked up with what I call the telemed program but am right now switching to Defy to lower my costs and receive better care. I’m in the KC area but lived in Lawrence for a year.
Oh, I visited pharmacy’s trying to find a Dr and not even one in 10 had seen any prescriptions for injectable testosterone, I figured that’d be a way to find a treating physician but I got no where with that.
Defy and they’re business model and quality of care really is the way to go.

I live in Lawrence also. Defy is where I where I ended up going. They send all of your meds directly to your house. The doctors there are specialists in TRT.
Good luck.