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Kangen/Alkaline Water


Relative recently purchased a Kangen brand water ionizer. She swears by it and is giving me jugs of the stuff and insists I visit to refill. She is in really good shape, especially for her age but I get that it's easy to fall into this stuff and that her fitness level certainly can not be attributed to her drinking a lower pH water. Anybody have experience with this "new age" water and should I give a shit?

P.S.: It does seem to taste more watery than water.....


Hey Bmacres, I’ve had a kangen water machine for a little over a year now. I used to swear by it, and drink only 9.5. I’d even bring a portable one on vacation.

However i think a lot of it was in my head in terms of alkalinity being useful. I do feel the effects of the ionization, my thirst is quenched faster (i notice this whenever i without and drink something like poland spring). Now i just drink the clean water (6.5 setting) which is ionized.

The claims it makes are pseudoscience bullshit. The only one that is remotely sound yet not proven at all is that by decreasing your stomach acid your body fights back to increase stomach acid and the bodies production of stomach acid results in production of alkaline compounds in the blood thus alkalizing the blood. However i really think it is bullshit, the blood PH is very narrow and if you fell out of this range you’d become extremely ill or die of acidosis. You can also die of alkalosis by the way.

I stopped mainly because i began to have stomach problems and i did not want a more alkaline stomach environment (this would allow for growth of opportunistic bacteria and yeast like candida).

To seal this comment, in the future i will not be buying replacement filters. I’m going to buy a ionizer without the ph setting perhaps an ionizer with a good filter.


what type of water ionizer would you get? and what are the benefits of ionzied water