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Kangaroo Meat


Everyone out there should try and get their hands on some kangaroo meat. I try and get some in once a week. I heard that it's one of the leanest cuts of meat available. Anyone from the States or Europe tried is? Is it available overseas?

Without sounding like a nut anyone out there tried crocodile or snake???


i love kangaroo....but i havent seen it for sale here in the US(Vermont).

I tried crocodile recently when i was in australia..it didnt really taste like anythinge


Snake is good, Turtle tastes like rubber. Never had Crocodile. I think that venison is about the best tasting wild meat you can get. Rabbit is also good and lean too. Just get a rifle and a hunting liscence and go find out for yourself.


I've had it in a restaurant down here in Georgia.
INCREDIBLE !!! I tried to buy it online but very $$$$.
If you can get some, you won't regret it.


Deer yes is good as is rabbit but squirell and wild turkey are the best IMO.

I agree a gun, and a weekend can stock a freezer with a ton of protein.


I asked my dad what wild meat tastes best once and he told me the usual deer squirrel rabbit crow magpie and such. Then he says and coon's pretty good too, it tastes kinda like bobcat.

If that helps then youre welcome if not, i got a pretty good laugh out of it and figured i'd share.


I had Kangaroo meat a couple of times in NZ restaurants. I think they are pretty tasty.

And if you think eating snake and Croc is crazy, well, now you know you are not alone. As a Hong Kong born Chinese, I came across wild animal meals every winter when I was a kid. Snake tastes pretty good and can be cooked a lot of ways, deer and goat are also good and do a good job of keeping you warm when eaten.

Geek boy


I eat kangaroo meat about twice a week. I think it's brilliant stuff.

I tried crocodile at a croc farm a couple of years ago. Tastes a bit like lightly salted chicken. Very nice.

I like buffalo and wild pig from the Northern Territory as well.

Shit - If it moves, I'll eat it (Rosie O'Donnell not included).


J. Beradi, you tried kangaroo meat???


I haven't tried any specie of marsupial, but I have eaten fried and blackend aligator and enjoyed it very much. The meat is light and flaky, but has more texture than fish. Hard to describe, but it is very good.


I was in Aussie for the first time about a month ago. I tried a mixed platter of kangaroo, Wallaby, crocodile and I think the last one was Emu (I can't remember...too much Shiraz).

The Kangaroo and Wallaby was excellent, as was the other red meat (Emu or whatever). The Crocodile looked like chicken but actually tasted of nothing. Not tried snake yet.



Ostrich meat is really good too. It's similar to emu - a red meat that's very lean. I like it better than steak - it's best eaten medium-rare to rare though.

Moose is also tasty and very, very lean.


Various non-standard meats I have consumed and views therof

Buffalo: Yum
Emu: Yum
Kangaroo: Yum, and makes great leather
Crocodile: Yum, but only if seasoned correctly. Plus, nifty boots can be made.
Snake: Rattle-snake is ok, boa is kind of nasty (then again, it might have just been cooked badly)
Venison: Need I continue with the "yum" comments?
Elk: see above.
Rabbit: tasty, but greasy
Squirrel: Phill, what are you smoking?
Dog: Ate it once in Korea. Nasty.
Groundhog: Decent. Kind of boring.
Guinea Pig: kind of like rabbit
Boar: Tasty, and nothing like normal pig
Wild turkey: Gimme some!
Quail: Bah. Too much effort, not enough meat.
Rat: (yes, I actually was served grilled rat once) My advice, stay away. Better than dog, however.


I dunno if I could ever bring myself to try Kangaroo meat. I see them on TV, and their arms are so very human in appearance and function...this human-like quality really deters me from thinking of Kangaroo as food. I'm sure it's delicious though, but I would feel like I'm sorta eating a person.

I've tried Ostrich and Wild Boar. Too gamey for me. Sorry, but the gamey thing that a lot of mostly guys like is to me yuck. Friends I know hunt and eat Deer on the neighbor islands and I havent' tasted it, but they tell me it's really tender but gamey tasting (hence, my avoidance of trying it).

But then again, I love salted duck eggs like crazy. Yeah, we chinese eat a lot of weird things....duck liver sausage, funky herbs, herb jello, chicken feet, organs, dog soup, insect tea. And in hawaii, we eat some wild sea foods, usually raw, that would sound to others really nasty, but they're really really delicous, nutrient-dense and low cal/fat. One is called 'Opihi-- a coveted delicacy, eaten raw, they're picked off rocks on one place off the Big Island around high surf- every so often an 'Opihi picker is swept away in the waves and dies, but it's such a delicacy that people take the risk. 'Opihi is something like a barnacle that sticks to rocks. We also eat a type of Sea Cucumber, a living animal, no saturated fat, high protein. And a couple of kinds of seaweed....go swimming, pick some, bring it into shore, clean and rinse it, toss it with vinegar, salt and garlic....there's your picnic lunch.

How's Buffalo meat taste? It's showing up more and more in the grocery store, like a mainstream meat. It's always ground, looks really red, rich and lean. It's a bit pricey, though. Have been meaning to try it....but anyone know if it has that "gamey"-ness? Buffalo looks good.


Interesting! Where did you have some of these? Foreign countries? Do elaborate!

BTW, You can have the crocodile and snake meat, I'll take the fabulous shoes, handbag and belt...j/k. Sorry PETA.


First off: Buffalo is somewhat akin to beef in flavor. It is much lower in fat, cholesterol, and toxins. Actually, it is healthier than chicken. Let's hear it for grass fed animals. If you want, I can toss up some recipes. Although pretty much anything you do with beef you can do with buffalo.

For the weirder things I have eaten:
-Crocodile: A Creole restaurant where I used to live served crocodile. Deep-fried tail bits, steaks, etc.
-Snake: Rattle-snake I had when I was in Texas. No, I do not remember exactly where I was. The meat was grilled. Boa I had when I was ping-ponging about Asia on business trips.
-Dog: Korea.
-Guinea Pig: On a pizza at a Peruvian-style restaurant. Sooner or later I will have to make this myself. It was quite tasty.
-Game animals (deer, boar, etc): kill & eat
-On my list of things to try eventually: Bear, mountain goat, moose, shark of some sort, lemming (hey, why not?), more marsupials (I just need an excuse to head to Australia), various African game animals, and Kiwis (The Bird. The Fruit I already eat. Human: only if I find a cute girl from NZ and get lucky)

My philosophy is that I'll eat nearly any type of animal at least once or twice. Along with the fleshy animals I have consumed, I also have munched on various types of insects (grasshoppers, sugar ants, scorpians, etc). Although I do prefer my food to be dead when I eat it. I avoided the meal worms.

And just to really irk PETA people: I make and wear leather clothing. I even tan my own hides when I have the opportunity and time.


I eat shark pretty regularly here in Oz. Caught a couple of Bronze Whalers when in Perth (well four of us did). Cut it up into 3 kilo fillets and then BBQ'd it. Great!


I've had kangaroo jerky, pretty good stuff! I wouldn't mind trying a kangaroo steak.


Alligator is awesome, esp. grilled.
I've tried some snakes, it's allright.
Squirrels are down right nasty, Rabbit is chewy, an coon is Meaty.

I forgot where down in S.W. La.
Armadillo is eaten as often as chicken.

Egret is decent, but chciken is better...

Just my thoughts on different game.


Ohh...Shark. Grilled Shark steaks are yummy!