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Kanama Weightlifting Shoes

NOTE: I’m not actually in Greece as my profile says.

Does anyone have any experience with these shoes?


are they good quality? how have they lasted for you?
does anyone know where I can get more info on the product, like what it the material it’s made of, it looks like leather but I’m no expert, and what about heel height?

these were recommended to me by a friend but he didn’t give much info other than the url lol

My decision is down between these and Rogue Do Wins, so if you have experience on the Do Wins as well, feel free the chime in. How does the suede stack up in terms of durability?

The biggest advantage that the Kanama’s have are that they aren’t on 6 week backorder like the Rogues. Help me weigh in the pros and cons of both shoes :smiley:

IDK, I’m just having a hard time making a decision on a pair of shoes. :S

get the Do-wins. I’ve had mine for a couple years, when they were 90 or 100 bucks. They are still going strong with no sign of breaking down. The heel is good for me personally, the Kanama’s look too big heel-wise.

This guy wears the Kanamas, you could try contacting him. I’ve seen youtube videos of some other Canadian lifters wearing them, but I haven’t seen anyone in the US wearing them (yet).


The heel height in 25mm. I’m considering getting a pair of lifting shoes, and since I mostly low bar back squat, wanted a smaller heel height.

I bought a pair of these on friday and will have them next week. They were recommended by my coach and seem to be a good value.

and btw they are leather

25mm sounds like a good compromise for heel height. And more importantly, they look sexy. I would go with the Kanamas.

[quote]mikestew53 wrote:
I bought a pair of these on friday and will have them next week. They were recommended by my coach and seem to be a good value.[/quote]

Let us know what you think when they arrive. My daughter needs a pair, or if the Kanama are real good, she can have my old Adidas, seeing that I’m paying ( :

Well, the maker of the shoe made some sort of guarantee that if buyers like their Adidas’ better he would refund them for the price of the Adidas pair or something like that if I recall correctly, idk if he’s still doing it. and it was just something I remember hearing/reading about.

either that speaks volumes of the shoes or the designer is really cocky, I’m hoping the former :smiley:

wow, all I can say is I feel like a total tool

I had been so concentrated on lifting, being new at my gym and the sport and all that, I never noticed (in my three sessions so far) that like 1/2 of our members wear the Kanamas as well as my coach…durrhurhur I is bright. >_<

may the ostracizing begin lol

These just arrived in the mail today. I’m wearing them as we speak and will try them out a little tonight, and full a full training session tomorrow.

looking forward to the review

Hey i’m looking to get a pair of these badboys, and was wondering how true to size they were?
They look to be be very good quality.

I got these in the mail monday, and have only got two training sessions in with them thus far. They fit my wider feet really well, and their heel isn’t too big (I didn’t measure, but I doubt it is over 1". The smaller heel works well for me as my ankle flexibility is actually pretty good (other than that i’m one stiff SOB).
I normally wear size 11-12 shoes. I purchased a pair of 11’s and they fit great, so yeah they are very true to size.

Ive got a pair that i used extensively last year and more sparingly this year (My old uni strength coach was an oly lifter, now that Im in powerlifting full-time, i just use them for cleans and snatches as assistance work) and they have held up great. can’t really compare to any other models, as ive never used any others, but a couple former teammates have used others and found the kanama’s better and more comfortable.