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Kanaka's Final Body Transformation

This log is for me to track my progress on my THIRD transformation. I will be making this my final body transformation. Yo-yo’ing between low 200’s and low 400’s as one can imagine is not very healthy.

Current Stats:
Ht. : 6’2
Wt. : 378 lbs. (lost about 25-30lbs after college…life after beer binge parties)

Waist: 53 inches
Thighs: 34 inches
Chest: 56 inches
Arms: um who really cares…the above three are the most important to me. Esp the thighs.


CGBP: 315x2x5
Front Squat: 405x1
Dead lift: 455x1

Very crappy bw-strength ratio…but that can be improved.

Program (resistance):

day 1: legs, calves
day 2: upper push
day 3: upper pull
day 4: rest
day 5: upper push
day 6: upper pull

if you are wondering why all upper and only one lower day? well my legs are already huge and strong as hell (naturally) and my upper body looks ridiculously undeveloped for my size. all days will be for about an hour

Program (conditioning):

i’d like to do some HIIT but really in no condition to do it. So time to re-build my conditioning.

day 1: Incline walking intervals
day 2: Steady state
day 3: Steady state
day 4: Rest
day 5: Incline walking intervals
day 6: Steady state (can’t wait until football starts again, then i will have something to watch on saturday conditioning)
day 7: Body-surfing if the waves are good

all days will probably be for 25-30 minutes.

Nutrition as of late has been much better than it was in college.

breakfast: 6 eggs, bagel/rice, banana
snack: protein shake
lunch: usually a store bought deli sandwich and water
snack: protein shake
dinner: whatever is cooked up home…usually rice, veggies, and protein mix
post : protein shake


Overall: Be healthier and look fucken awesome naked…since i am polynesian (hawaiian, samoan, tongan, maori races etc…) i of course want to look ideally like either of the following:

Dwayne Johnson
Lofa Tatupu
Toa - guy from american gladiators (rock’s stunt double)
Sonny Williams

But right now i look more like umaga from the WWE…

Time to get to it…

ore power to you! Are you going to cut the alcohol?

Good luck starting new habits !